River cruise

While a boat captain once told me nobody’s going to come up river to Haverhill’s restaurant district and tie up their expensive boat at an unattended city dock. It’s too bad nobody’s taken the initiative to have scheduled river cruises during the summer.

Not happening

A writer equalizes gun control with marijuana sales in Haverhill, claiming “socialists” don’t care about drug addiction. No known socialist is calling for the elimination of guns in America. No responsible Republican, Democrat or independent wants to take guns from responsible adults. The new right wing has little resemblance to most Republicans who are defecting as independents. Eleven House Republicans are retiring rather than be reelected.

‘Certified’ safe

A ballot question seeks to force lawful gun owners to purchase expensive, "certified" safes to store their firearms. This proposal begs a few questions: First of all, what’s a "certified" safe, and who makes that determination? Is the owner of one relatively inexpensive firearm required to spend $1,000 or more to store that weapon? Finally, will a home invader intent on assaulting a helpless man or woman wait patiently while the homeowner retrieves his or her one means of protection from their "certified" safe? This ballot question is just another attempt to make it all-but-impossible for legal gun owners to exercise their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. If this ridiculous question makes it onto the ballot in 2020, it deserves to be shot down.

Take responsibility

It’s certainly time for Hollywood to take a stand against horrible movies like “The Hunt.” Not only are the writers and producers of these violent films to blame, so are actors who portray these awful characters with no regard for decency or responsibility for their actions on the screen. The money is always up front and personal to them. They need to stop and take notice of what they are showing moviegoers.

Electric bill

What's going on with National Grid and its latest electric bill? I was just charged $377 for one month. Not sure I’d trust them with one of their "deals" on buying a product from them. When does their price gouging end? I guess when it becomes so unaffordable that they'll charge late fees to those of us who cannot pay on time.

Hate and vision

I read the president’s comment about El Paso, as the recent Sound Off commenter suggested, and it did not cause me to throw up. What did make me sick was the thought of the hate that liberal Democrats have for President Trump. The hate and division in our country today is not his doing, it's the doing of the Democratic Party.  How that party has changed, and for the worse.

Better budgets

To the reader who attacks some Haverhill School Committee members for working to reach the average per student spending for Gateway cities with similar economic demographics, I say it’s high time we increase school budgets to better educate our children. It’s also time we addressed problems that were swept under the rug by the previous superintendent. Next year’s budget begins to address historic school inequities and serious overcrowding in our city’s middle schools. Keep up the good work, committee member Sven Amirian.

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