Why isn’t the Essex County district attorney questioning the friends of Mayor Lantigua who work for him in the office and that got him in as mayor? They probably know more about Mayor Lantigua’s actions than anyone at City Hall. Maybe they can’t get him to resign, but he won’t be voted in again as mayor. In order to help the city of Lawrence, we have to stick together and vote for someone who cares about the citizens and about what’s going to happen in the future.

Picking on him

I think the mayor of Lawrence is doing a heck of a good job. I think everyone should stop picking on the mayor. Just let him do his job.


I’m calling because I’m a Lawrence taxpayer and I read that Deputy Police Chief Bonilla is still being paid on the city payroll. This is not fair to the taxpayers of Lawrence. If Mayor Lantigua wants to keep him on the payroll, then he should be paying him out of his own paycheck, not the city. I would like this noted so that other taxpayers can get together and stop this nonsense from happening.


Now that Mitt Romney has shown himself to be a self-serving, naive reactionary and political opportunist when it comes to Middle East matters. Will the American people finally wake up? Let’s hope so.


Bonilla is still getting paid? How in the world is this happening? We have a crooked mayor and a crooked cop. This is unacceptable. Someone needs to do something about this. Mayor Lantigua needs to step down because this is getting out of control. He and Bonilla are crooks.

A good laugh

Thank you, Dave Potter, for the humorous letter, “Several pets a day keep doctors away.” At this time, when all you read are depressing items, it sure deserves a big laugh. We also, at one time, had two large dogs. We are both in our eighties and we miss the love and pleasure they gave to us. Thank you again for the laugh.


To the caller who said that President Obama is no President Reagan: Thank God for that. In April 1973, our embassy was bombed and we lost 50 civilians. Six months later, our marine barracks were bombed and we lost 273 Marines. President Reagan did nothing to combat this situation. He did however, attack Grenada that year, which was a tiny Caribbean island that offered absolutely no resistance.


Why is our president ignoring the prime minister of Israel, our only democratic ally in the Middle East? This is shameful and shows disregard for our friends.

No time

It’s amazing that President Obama is to busy to meet with the leader of Israel but he has time for the Letterman show.


Mitt Romney has succeeded in insulting nations overseas and now he has alienated 47 percent of Americans. Clearly, Mitt Romney is not ready for prime time.


With so many issues surrounding Lawrence, why not put a casino here? With I-495 and I-93 as the infrastructure this would be a great location for a casino. It sure would make a city that is not doing well into a city that has jobs and would become profitable as it once was. Instead of spending money elsewhere, we can turn a profit here.

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