Fireworks pass

If you live in Haverhill and know the right police officers, you can shoot off fireworks. That’s what it sounded like in the Bradford section of the city the other night. I made four calls, and there were still fireworks. Who’s enforcing the la w? I’d like to know so I can set them off too.

Simple solution

Since those teenagers wouldn’t listen to the lifeguard, as described in the recent Sound Off comment, his next step should have been to use his radio and call the police. That way they could come and do their job, and he could do his.  Very simple to be assertive.

Free or not?

The comment “More pickups please” suggests Haverhill start picking up yard waste every other month for free. Why should it do that when they charge $9 for a day pass and $45 for an annual pass to drop off yard waste?  

Appalling behavior

Thanks to Wendy Wakeman for her recent letter about Town Moderator Mark DiSalvo’s actions at the June 18 Town Meeting. His behavior toward Rosemary Smedile was appalling at this special Town Meeting, as well as the one last year. He should be replaced.

Budget incentive

Do you suppose there would be a state budget passed on time if the salaries of House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Karen Spilka weren’t paid until it was in place?

Partial preservation

Denworth Hall is such an icon for Bradford. If it is torn down, the front should be preserved.

Not waving

The contributor of the recent Sound Off complaint about a detail officer who didn’t wave should know that police are not required to wave at every passing motorist. As for it being a no-stress overtime gig, that’s false. When working a detail, you have to worry about moving cars coming at you, with all the modern distractions inside. Your life is on the line.

Local voting

Gerrymandering is alive and well in Haverhill. Though I live in the Walnut Square area, over 22 years I’ve always voted elsewhere. Never have I or my neighbors voted in our so-called neighborhood. They move voters so there’s not a true representation in each district. Everybody wants to pretend we are neighbors with “a voice.” They should let our neighborhoods have a true voice at the ballot box. Let citizens vote in their own true districts.

Wrong hazard

Haverhill’s city councilors are so backwards. They’re going crazy over the traffic flow near a Dunkin' on Route 125 but totally disregarding the traffic flow problems that will be created by the two pot shops, one on Route 125 at the New Hampshire border, the other on Main Street downtown. New Englanders have been negotiating around every mile or half-mile location of the doughnut and coffee shop for eons. It's the pot heads you have to worry about, not the person going for a coffee. 

Alternative facts

People shouldn’t be mocking President Donald Trump’s Fourth of July speech in which he celebrated George Washington’s brilliant capture of British airports during the Revolutionary War, or for honoring the 1775 Continental Army’s capture of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. They weren’t there. They obviously don’t understand alternative facts. Seriously, who are you going to believe, fake history books, or a very stable genius who always tells the truth?