Regular reports

Why is our highly paid police Chief Joseph Solomon reporting on a trash pick-up delay due to the storm on Facebook? Shouldn't the Department of Public Works report that? He also reported on a delayed opening at City Hall, the parking ban and the death of a police dog. How about doing some police work in Methuen?

Council president

When I moved to Haverhill nearly 30 years ago, it was named the best place to live in the country. Look at us now — crime, gangs, drugs, shootings, etc. Voters had a chance to do something about it but instead kept the same people in office. Nothing changes. The city councilor with the voters' best interests at heart got the most votes. Joseph Bevilacqua may not be as popular among fellow councilors. He is, however, quite popular with constituents. Since I’ve lived here, the councilor with the most votes has always been voted council president, but Bevilacqua’s fellow councilors are intimidated and don't want him to become the president. If another councilor becomes president, I hope voters will remember that two years from now and do what they should have done this year.

Careless drivers

The state should pass a special law for drivers who don’t obey rules of the road during snowstorms, e.g. following too closely, not clearing the snow from the roof of their cars. These people shouldn’t just get traffic citations, they should be arrested and charged with endangering the lives of other drivers.

About those clowns

Although I too was upset about my regular television programming being denied, the impeachment inquiry was way more interesting. I could watch democracy in action, responding to the narcissist in command of our country attempting self-serving criminal activity on the world stage. I’d suggest the contributor of “Send in the clowns” named the wrong “clowns” — in particular the ones who chose not to testify lest they perjure themselves. Let’s send out the clowns and really try to make America great again.


When Sens. Corey Booker and Amy Klobuchar join Kamala Harris in dropping out of the presidential race, karma will have rewarded their dishonorable behavior during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination hearings.

Find nothing

Democrats are unreal. They investigate, find nothing. They investigate, find nothing. The only reason this is happening is, the Democrats can’t stand not being in control.

Place to vent

Sound off is an opinion column, nothing more. It’s a place to vent your own opinion, right or wrong. It has nothing to do with journalism.

So-called warming

According to the Weather Channel, more than 400 American communities just saw their coldest Novembers ever recorded. Seems like pretty unsettled progressive politics masquerading as settled science to me.

Left’s bullies

Great letter by Matt May in Sunday’s Eagle-Tribune. He is exactly right about the climate change bullies, but it is part of a larger pattern of political bullying from the  left. President George Bush wasn't wrong, he's "a war criminal" (even though more troops deployed to the Middle East under President Obama’s command). Justices Brett Kavannaugh and Clarence Thomas aren't too conservative, they are "rapists" (despite any lack of evidence to support this). The majority of citizens and scientists still researching the connection between human activity and climate change aren't critically thinking, they are "climate deniers.” And any moderately conservative voice trying to walk onto a campus is at best shouted down, at worst assaulted by mobs of indoctrinated left-wing psychopaths. It shows a movement with ideas so bad, so unpopular, as to surrender debate for demagoguery, demonization and bullying.


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