Chapman’s charges

I was only 20 when Andy Puglisi disappeared from that South Lawrence swimming pool. I remember feeling so bad for his family. Then I read the disturbing story about how Wayne Chapman is accused of exposing himself to a nursing assistant at MCI-Shirley. At 71, Chapman still gets three squares a day and nursing care on top of that. He has confessed to more than 100 child molestation cases, and he remains a suspect in the Puglisi case. Hopefully some liberal, touchy feely judge will never send him into public again.


President Trump said Monday, “May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo," but the shooting happened in Dayton. The man reads words off a teleprompter but makes absolutely no connection to reality.

Who’s shooting

Mass shootings are happening in churches, shopping malls, concerts, schools, night clubs, businesses — just about any place. Not one has been carried out by an illegal immigrant. Yet, Trump tells you to be afraid of the immigrants. Do the facts prove him right, or is he simply playing to people’s fears?

Haverhill’s money

Sven Amirian, our elected School Committee member, feels the taxpayers of Haverhill must keep up and catch up with the spending of neighboring communities. Really? How about Methuen whose schools, police and other budgets are a disaster? It's time that Amirian be concerned about how Haverhill spends our money, and not the spending of our careless neighbors.

So go independents

If you heard me talk politics in recent years, you probably thought I was Republican. I am often critical of Democrats. But I am an independent. I voted a split-ticket in 2018 in New Hampshire, including for Gary Johnson for president, and I’ve written in Colin Powell’s name in the past. My current slant is more a reflection of how far the left wing has lurched, not where I am on the political spectrum. Of those running I could vote for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang (when he abandons his primary stance of wages for non-working people), but they have no chance in the modern Democratic Party. Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris? They have no chance with me, or most other independents.

Not in charge

In listening to Haverhill’s school superintendent at the council meeting the other night, it sounded like “she’s dipping into the Kool-Aid and doesn’t know the flavor,“ as Sen. Cory Booker said the other evening to Joe Biden. She hasn’t a clue as to the dynamics of Haverhill. She only works part-time in the summer, and luckily the incident at the High School happened on a day she was available. She shouldn’t be the one in charge if there’s a security problem. Instead, there should be a direct line to the mayor and police chief in case of a threat. There should be a plan where she is informed but not in charge.

Judge’s error

Thinking back to the arraignment of Giovanni Leron in a hospital bed last month, on murder charges, without the press allowed and without being recorded, I read where a spokesperson for the Supreme Judicial Court stated it was done "in error.” What does that mean? Will Judge Mark Sullivan get called on the carpet, reprimanded or suspended? Will the public ever know? What was all the secrecy about? I hope The Eagle-Tribune keeps following up and lets the public know what "in error" means for Judge Sullivan.