Priorities wrong

Once again the current administration has its priorities all wrong. It was reported that the Veterans Administration has dropped the ball in veterans’ health care. Many veterans reportedly have died while waiting for care. Supposedly budget cuts, higher demand and administrative incompetence appear to be the issues. Yet our government in all its wisdom can find money to throw away in the Ukraine, Libya and in Nigeria. Yes, those are all terrible events but why do we have to pay to resolve them? Why can we not take care of our own citizens first and if there is money left, then go solve the world’s problems?

Lawn care

Spring has finally arrived with the sounds of the peepers, the songs of the migratory birds, and yes, the pounds and pounds of chemicals that will be used on lawns and gardens. It’s a shame when the perfect lawn and the lushest flowers take preference over the health of our planet, it’s life giving resources and all living things. One of the biggest chemical companies owns many well known seed companies, too. And you thought you were growing healthy vegetables from seed.

Get with it

Haverhill has the 15th worst violent crime rate in our state. This should be a top priority. Find the money and hire more police. Have satellite stations in the worst neighborhoods. I demand that the city use my $10,000 in property taxes (paid on time) in a sensible manner. I love my city. Get with it.

Racist comments

How come when Clippers owner Donald Sterling makes racist comments, he gets tarred and feathered by everybody. But when a good liberal Democrat like John Kerry makes a racist comment, nobody says or does anything. I haven’t heard anybody ask that John Kerry resign, even though his comment has a worldwide impact! Is this more of the “do as I say, not as I do” that the Democrats are so fond of?

Pass the test

I see where the committee to build the new Hunking School is going full steam ahead and the people in favor are knocking on doors to convince Haverhill residents what a great idea it is. Well you’re welcome to knock on my door but first you have to pass the following test: you don’t reside in Bradford, you have no children in the Hunking School, you’re naive enough to believe the estimate given to build the new school is what the final cost will be and that it will not impact taxes as the mayor has stated, you really haven’t minded your tax rate going from $12.76 in 2010 to $16.09 in 2014, and finally, Social Security is your primary source of income. If you pass this test come on over. I’ll have the coffee waiting.

Motorcycle pipes

Are we all ready for the deafening roar of motorcycles hitting the roads with illegal exhaust noise? If I tried to drive my car without a muffler you can be sure I would be pulled over and fined for excessive noise. I contacted the Registry of Motor Vehicles and was told to contact the police about the violators. It is the responsibility of our public safety personnel to do their jobs and enforce the laws. How in the world do these motorcycles ever pass inspection with in some cases no muffler system at all, only open pipes? The argument that loud exhaust saves lives by getting attention is a bunch of hogwash! Responsible driving saves lives.

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