Public officials can’t do this?

Why are we paying someone to decide where our Covid-19 money should go? Can’t the people we hired to run our city (Methuen) figure it out? What a shame!

Congratulations to Methuen chief

Congrats on Methuen’s new police chief. I hope he leaves his past department’s corruption behind! I also wonder if he’s getting former Chief Joseph Solomon’s inflated perks and if so, where is his private plane going to be stored?

Call both sides out

I was disappointed to read “Tribalism and Mob Rule Come to NH.” As a lifelong Independent raised in New Hampshire, I disagree with an Executive Council meeting being disrupted. However, it was no more insurrectionist than ANTIFA’s burning of cities and attacks on police officers. Both sides should be called out.

‘Misleading headlines’

I find it reprehensible that The Eagle-Tribune frequently publishes stories with misleading headlines. Your company should be ashamed of themselves. Consider the impact on other lives you have before you make such reckless choices.

Need to yield to pedestrians, bikes

If you go out for a car ride today keep in mind there are pedestrians walking with dogs and bicyclists as well that share the roads. You can yield. Your car or truck has brakes. Try it sometime.

Let’s talk about politics

To all the Americans that foolishly think it is rude to talk about politics, to the contrary, it is rude not to. Politicians have made our politics so toxic by disingenuously making all policy issues about race, misleading public safety concerns, or other pre-crimes that we won’t even discuss politics amongst ourselves, which is the diametric opposite of the founder’s intent and that of the ancient philosophers they studied.

Regular citizens should absolutely have spirited, sometimes pointed and at all times substantive (read: not personal) political debates on a daily basis. Being afraid to honestly talk about politics is a contributing factor to the smoldering dumpster fire that is our federal government today.

Troopers must get vaccinated

A large block of Massachusetts state troopers are refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccination that they are required to have by Oct. 17 so they can preserve their perverted “right” to be a deadly disease superspreader.

When George Washington was leading the Continental Army during the American Revolution, he required all his soldiers to get the smallpox vaccination that was available back then (yes, there really was a smallpox vaccine by the time of the American Revolution). Refusal meant dismissal from the Continental Army with dishonor.

Sounds like we have a group of Massachusetts state troopers Washington would call insubordinate, disloyal, dishonorable — and certainly unpatriotic!

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