Tree trespass

Since when does the city of Haverhill feel it's OK to go onto private property and plant trees? This is illegal. We have rights as homeowners.

Warren’s plan

George Will’s column in Sunday’s Eagle-Tribune about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “Medicare for All” plan was so true. She thinks hospitals, physicians and states will cover most of the trillions of dollars to pay for this. When that doesn’t work, where does the money come from? Middle class, working Americans. I hope voters remember that at election time.

Trump’s dangers

I just finished reading the remarkable letter by Kim Casey reminding us not only about dangers of President Donald Trump but also his virulent supporters. It was a great letter. It's good to know that some letters writers can still write so well and are able to speak the truth about Trump and his people. I especially relished in her pointing out the hypocrisy of so-called Christians.

Too powerful

If Presidents George Bush, Barack Obama or Donald Trump can ruin your life every day and make you insane - as sadly they have to many of our fellow citizens these past decades - then you should be a libertarian, like me, calling for reaffirming constitutional limits on government. Modern presidents clearly are too omnipotent. No federal elected or appointed official should have the ability to ruin any American's life. If they have that power, something is clearly out of balance.

Stop Sound Off

I fully agree with the letter by Marge Hesse published in the Sunday edition. Youth achievements should be highlighted. I would go one step beyond her suggestion and eliminate the Sound Off column altogether. It is nothing but the lowest form of journalism.

Ill advised

A recent Sound Off writer asked: What about Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland? The answer: President Barack Obama did not procure the advise or consent of the Senate. It’s how the Constitution works.

Book lovers

It sure was nice of the Republican National Committee to spend $100,000 to buy Donald Trump Jr.’s new book so it would show up as a best seller. Bless their hearts.


I keep hearing about President Trump’s accomplishments. OK, name them. Besides a huge tax break that went mostly to the wealthy, what's he done? Dividing the country and lying everyday is not an accomplishment. Nor is lining his own pockets.

Dirty business

The Sound Off contributor “Loyalty to country” states that “government is not a business, and its values cannot be bought, sold or threatened away." Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that's exactly what's happening. There’s no admiration for those in office today — especially Democrats. They aren’t risking everything for their country. They are there for one thing — to help themselves. They are bought by lobbyists wanting laws passed for their own profit. It is indeed a business, and a dirty one at that.

Regular reports

Why is our highly paid police Chief Joseph Solomon reporting on a trash pick-up delay due to the storm on Facebook? Shouldn't the Department of Public Works report that? He also reported on a delayed opening at City Hall, the parking ban and the death of a police dog. How about doing some police work in Methuen?

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