Police oversight

Isn't that nice that a liberal attorney will be overseeing police officers and the tough, stressful decisions they must make in seconds? No wonder no one wants to join the police force. In the meantime, maybe I can go oversee brain surgeons or airline pilots.

Golden 'arcs'

Watching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tell us how 10 times as many immigrant children in the same "cages" she attacked just four months ago is totally different under President Joe Biden's administration than it was President Donald Trump's is like watching John Amos’ Cleo McDowell character in the 1988 movie “Coming To America” describe how the "golden arcs" are completely different than McDonald's "golden arches." Nope, they are not.

Vaccine logjam

Last Friday I was fortunate to get the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the former Lord & Taylor site at Rockingham Mall. The reservists and EMTs were professional and efficient. However, it took two hours because of the volume of people scheduled. I'm wondering if all of us who received our first dose that day are scheduled to return the same day for the second dose? If so, there probably will be another logjam. I hope the state learns from this and make changes to the process to ensure fewer people are scheduled at the same time for a quicker turnaround.


When did asking for a form of identification become a hate crime? And how was it not one last time I went into a Red Sox game, bought a beer at a Bruins game or boarded a Delta Air Lines flight and was required to show my ID?

Voter law

Colorado has the same voting laws as Georgia. Why are the Democrats so up in arms over a law in Georgia that will provide integrity and transparency? What are they hiding?

Taking credit

Right-wing commenters who cash their $1,400 stimulus check, collect extended unemployment benefits, claim the enhanced child care tax credits, get by without being evicted or foreclosed upon, get vaccinated, receive additional Paycheck Protection Program aid for their business and wake up in a town receiving relief funds from the federal government, should keep in mind that not one single Republican member of Congress voted for the COVID-19 relief package. But that isn't stopping them from cynically taking credit for its benefits.

Tax and spend

In between Democrat administrations, any time Americans call them "tax and spenders," Democrats deny the charge. Yet, here we are. Democrats are in power again, and they are taxing, and they are spending. It happens every time.

United victims

A recent letter writer could not have been more spot-on in pointing out how President Joe Biden and elected Democrats are perpetrating the most widespread fraud in the history of our country. If you're still a Biden supporter, you likely perceive some personal benefit from the graft and are thus an accomplice. If you are in the growing majority who oppose the hyper-inflationary binge spending, unconstitutional electoral power grabs and gun grabs, you are among its millions of victims. So, technically Biden has united us.

Trump's trips

How sad is it that people have forgotten how President Donald Trump went almost weekly to his golf resorts, costing millions of dollars to the taxpayers? His resorts charged full room rates to the Secret Service for the agents assigned to follow him. Yet, someone complains about President Joe Biden going home on the weekends. They ignore the truth.

Cleaning up

Why is it that every bridge, median, overpass and exit in Haverhill is marred by weeds, rusty railings, sand and litter? We are going backward. Why aren't our streets being swept by our little used street sweepers? Businesses should ask employees to police their grounds to help clean up the litter. Sweep sidewalks into the gutters, so that if the sweeper goes by, it can clean it up. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes each day.

Right to work

Right-to-work is defined as a law that guarantees no one can be made to join, or not join, a union, or be compelled to pay union dues. Who are these people running ads saying right-to-work or any other protection is not right for New Hampshire, and when will they be returning to any one of the other states in New England that do not love liberty as we do? 

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