Clean up

Next time you have a yard sale in the west side of Methuen, please remove your signs afterward. Otherwise I will start taking down the signs prior to your sale. Clean up after yourself.


I want to thank the writer of “Trump support” for giving me a clear picture of my Italian family members, who are classified as “white,” have been and are still hard working people who for the most part only graduated high school, and who died in wars in support of someone’s right to send deranged comments to the newspaper. Really scary, isn’t it?

Payment advice

When you get a bill from a health provider aggressively demanding payment, be sure your insurance or supplemental insurance has “denied” payment before you do anything. Such demands are one way they can collect and use your money for a while as part of their operational budget before giving you a credit. Always check to see what your insurance has or has not paid.

Not the problem

I just read the ridiculous description by some “uneducated” person of the typical supporters of President Trump. We, of those who are only high school educated and white, are not the problem. You are.

Smarter socialists

I hope leaders of North Andover and surrounding areas send a big thank-you to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her band of New York socialists who chased Amazon out of the Bronx.  Unlike those socialists, Massachusetts socialists know that a growing list of "free” stuff given to a growing majority of "poor” people with iPhones requires some capitalists to soak to pay for it. So, let's give a brief nod to the socialists in Massachusetts for being are smarter than those in New York, for what that's worth.

Not ‘free’

A recent Sound Off, "Fix our Own,” informs us that Chapter 90 money to fix the roads isn't "taxpayer" money, it's "state" money. While I wholeheartedly agree that the government is responsible for maintaining the roads, the writer and many others in this forum fail to make the connection between the stuff they want from big brother for "free," and the source of the funds. How can so many people fail to comprehend that the government produces nothing? The only way for the government at the city, state or federal level to provide anything for "free" is to take it from you and me. Maybe it's time to look at what the bloated, graft filled, nanny state here in Massachusetts spends it's "free" money on, so that there are adequate funds to care for basics like roads.

Which accuracy?

If we were to apply the same standard of accuracy in journalistic vetting that Bill Ketter, senior vice president of news for CNHI, advocates for social media to print media, The Eagle-Tribune and other CNHI papers would need to drop their omnipresent Associated Press reporting. Is the true target of his critique in his Saturday editorial accuracy, or only accuracy that is generous to Democrats?

Last refuge

The American farmer is a fool. Year after year he looses money, then his farm, as he follows President Trump down a snake hole in the name of patriotism; patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. When all other arguments for persuasion fail, just fall back on patriotism. Patriotism doesn't pay the bills, feed your kids or keep your marriage together. The low-wage earners and Trump-ian farmers deserve what they have in Trump — nothing.