Long absence

The City Council has to designate an acting mayor since Mayor James Jajuga is leaving for a five-day vacation. Jajuga has been on vacation from City Hall for most of his term — absent from numerous meetings and leaving before meetings are over, oh right, because of his conflict of interest.

Boorish and crass

I didn't care for Tim Thomas thumbing his nose at President Barack Obama to make a statement, and I don't care for Megan Rapinoe doing it to President Donald Trump. Rapinoe, I care for even less, as she is a member of a U.S. national team, she has been boorish and crass in her messaging, and her megaphoned political messages have completely overshadowed any on-field actions by her team, which I won't even watch anymore.

Who approved?

I read with interest of the problems with the traffic at the new Dunkin’ on Route 125 in Bradford. My question is, who gave the permit for the new Dunkin’ to be built without the consideration of the traffic problem it would create?

Scary potential

The monster who killed and beheaded a classmate has been given life or less in prison. He should not be allowed to live after what he did, but thanks to the ghouls running things, he will spend most of his life being cared for by other ghouls, using your money to do it. The same ghouls rush to snuff out the growing, God-given life of one waiting to be born. What else would you call people who want to kill living but unborn babies but who fiercely defend the lives of vicious murderers? What will they do next — make it legal to get rid of unwanted elderly and anyone else who can't do their share? There is a scary potential in the mindset of this human creature. Over 2,500 years ago the prophet Ezekiel admonished authorities for sanctioning rules and activities that would "slay the souls that should not die, and save the souls alive that should not live.”


Mayor James Fiorentini should tell us where all the money is coming from. There are many new administrative positions in the schools, and this week when I dropped by my classroom to leave some supplies for September, I was shocked to see a private cleaning service at work. The mayor lost my vote for allowing this School Committee and superintendent to spend, spend, spend. I just don't understand what happened to our fiscally conservative mayor. Time for big changes.


Spoiler alert: If your political party considers asking people living in the United States whether they are citizens controversial, you are officially part of a political party that has lost its marbles.

Only the best

Eleven members of President Trump’s cabinet left their jobs before Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s departure was announced: Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, Defense Secretary James Mattis, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. Two and a half years into President Obama’s first term, he’d lost two members of his cabinet — Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, who left for another position in the government. Trump only hires the best.

Entrenched party

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Talib and the other New Radicals in the Democratic Party are pretending that they are being suppressed by party leadership because they are "women of color.” But, as usual, that's just more Democrat race-mongering. The true reason they are being suppressed is because there are no legislative term limits, and as a result the establishment has an agenda driven by gray-haired, insulated elites and their donor dollars, one that is highly resistant to populist uprisings and new blood. So, stop clouding the issue with race and get back to the true issue that is eroding representative government and preventing new members with new ideas from participating in it.