Last refuge

The American farmer is a fool. Year after year he looses money, then his farm, as he follows President Trump down a snake hole in the name of patriotism; patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. When all other arguments for persuasion fail, just fall back on patriotism. Patriotism doesn't pay the bills, feed your kids or keep your marriage together. The low-wage earners and Trump-ian farmers deserve what they have in Trump — nothing.

False assumptions

Science does not show that America is evil. All Republicans do not commit crimes. The “usual” argument that liberals are “right and anyone who disagrees is a racist stupid redneck” is untrue. Democrats do not support “open” borders, and many oppose third-trimester abortions. President Trump’s supporters do not gravitate to this anonymous forum to express mainstream opinions, they gravitate to it because they can use ad hominem attacks and spread hate. Recent comments outlined demonstrate their foolishness and false assumptions.

Much disrespect

Asking the U.S. Navy to move the destroyer the U.S.S. John McCain because it hurts President Trump's feelings is much more disrespectful than athletes kneeling during the anthem.

Fishy phone call

I just got a scam call saying, “You are going to be arrested by federal officers.” When they leave a message, hey stupidly ask you to call back. But you can’t because when you do call, the answering recording says, “Call rejected.”


No matter what  President Trump says, the media always knock him down. There’s never anything good to say. Who cares about Meghan Markle, she’s in England.

Free lunch

Thank you, Eagle-Tribune, for printing a notice showing the 23 locations where Lawrence schools will provide free meals as part of their summer food service program. This federally funded program provides meals regardless of one’s "national origin.” I’m curious, where are the local Democrats praising this program? Funny how liberals say nothing when Republican politicians help provide sanctuary to immigrants in the country, including illegal ones, isn't it?

Late-night tweet

It’s the 75th anniversary of D-Day, yet instead of talking about the beaches of Normandy, your president is tweeting about the star of “Beaches,” Bette Midler. Let that sink in.

‘Offensive’ patients

Once again, President Donald Trump panders to fundamentalist Christians by privileging their dogma over everyone else's values and beliefs. This time it's a rule empowering anyone in health care to deny service to a patient who "offends" their religious beliefs, from receptionist to the nurse to doctor to hospital administrator. This is particularly aimed at LGBTQ patients and those seeking birth control, but anyone is potentially affected. I await the first lawsuit due to a patient seriously harmed. Fundamentalist beliefs must end where others' health and welfare begin.

Talking heads

Watching the Haverhill City Council the other night was a joke. There were people pandering to voters, making speeches, telling the world everything they did, on and on. They should be charged for the time they blabber nothing just to get their faces on TV. They could not care less about us; it’s time to clean house, especially on the right side of the TV screen.