You've been wearing masks for a year, washing your hands generously and staying away from your grandkids. Here's what our government is doing at the border: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently confirmed the agency has released migrants into the United States without testing them for COVID-19.

Passing blame

If President Donald Trump was still running the vaccine program, states would have to fend for themselves, just like they did when this pandemic started, with no funds or help from the federal government. He'd be blaming governors for the problem. 

Private schools

As union teachers continue to drag their feet on getting back into the classroom, a record number of Americans are turning to private schools that somehow managed to stay open during the pandemic. As usual, government creates a problem and the private sector solves it. There will be plenty of social distance in the hollowed-out public schools next year. It's time to start shifting tax money away from them to reflect it.

Constant fight

I don't understand the reasoning of some members of the Methuen City Council who are fighting Mayor Neil Perry every step of the way. Are they running for mayor? The man has done all he pledged to do with integrity. It's time to work together for Methuen.


I know reactionaries don't read much, but do those responding to this column even read what they're contributing to? "Sound Off" is mostly composed of Republicans complaining about Democrats stealing the election and ignoring the fact that Republicans have only won the popular presidential vote once in the past eight elections. Registered Democrats have outnumbered registered Republicans for 40 years. But keep listening to the talking heads on Fox News.

Character attack

The contributor of "Fooled Them" asserts that President Joe Biden stumbled and lied through one of his speeches. However, the contributor does not specify which speech nor cites a specific example of a lie. This makes the rant a mere fact-free character assassination that shouldn't belong in this newspaper. In contrast, the writer's idol, President Donald Trump, uttered a well-documented 30,600 lies during his presidency. Trump's only real intelligence was his ability to arouse his followers' base emotions and short-circuit any critical thinking.

Stop fighting

Methuen City Council Chairman Steve Saba really needs to stop fighting Mayor Neil Perry, who is doing a marvelous job. The City Council should consider replacing Saba at the helm.

Police oversight

Isn't that nice that a liberal attorney will be overseeing police officers and the tough, stressful decisions they must make in seconds? No wonder no one wants to join the police force. In the meantime, maybe I can go oversee brain surgeons or airline pilots.

Filling gaps

The Department of Homeland Security is reported to be looking at restarting construction on parts of the border wall, as record numbers of illegal aliens cross in waves that are only expected to increase. Even after President Joe Biden spent much of his 2020 campaign lambasting former President Donald Trump’s border wall and vowing to halt its construction, his own Homeland Security employees are going to fill “gaps” in the existing structure.

Golden 'arcs'

Watching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tell us how 10 times as many immigrant children in the same "cages" she attacked just four months ago is totally different under President Joe Biden's administration than it was President Donald Trump's is like watching John Amos’ Cleo McDowell character in the 1988 movie “Coming To America” describe how the "golden arcs" are completely different than McDonald's "golden arches." Nope, they are not.

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