Not payback

The cuts made by the mayor in Lawrence are not payback. It’s called fiscal responsibility, something Lantigua did not understand. How much overtime is because of firefighters calling in sick?

Casino vote

Why do these three representatives from Salem, N.H., continually vote against the wishes of the people on the casino bill? It’s unbelievable that their “no” votes won’t allow Rockingham Park to be brought back to life. It’s understandable that as individuals, we all have a right to our own opinions. But really the opinion of the three representatives in this case should be reflected by the opinion of their voters. How can they in good conscience keep ignoring the people? I can’t wait until November when all three are gone.

Doing nothing

And now the incredible pensions of two former Methuen Housing Authority leaders are exposed! Well, it’s clear that the state Legislature can move with record speed when they want to, passing a bill on “upskirting” within 36 hours. Yet when it comes to something like pension reform, they are all out to lunch. No one is supposed to get rich from a state pension. No one is supposed to use pension money to enrich the next generation of their family. Legislature, this is an easy fix. Why haven’t you done anything?

Think twice

Here’s an idea: If the folks in Congress want to pass bills with pork barrel projects in them -- especially if they are bills that will get old-timers re-elected to lifetime congressional positions -- they should have to raid their own pension funds and medical insurance funds for the money. That means they could no longer steal from the money the seniors put into their own Social Security and Medicare. That would make them think twice about spending all that money so foolishly. If you can hit them in their own pockets you really, really get their attention!

Lost support

Once again, the casino bill has come up for a vote and state Rep Marilinda Garcia has voted it down even though the majority of the residents in Salem, N.H., have voted for it. She obviously doesn’t care what the residents of Salem are in favor of. Now, every other night I get a email message asking me to contribute to Marilinda’s effort to become a member of Congress. I’m sorry Marilinda, but I cannot vote for a person who ignores the will of the people of Salem. I also urge the 4,000 residents that voted for the casino to delete any messages of help from Marilinda in her bid for a congressional seat.


I would like to thank the gentleman who found my two Labradors and brought them to the Lawrence Police Department. Thank you very much. They had escaped from the yard and I had no idea how long they were gone. One was a black lab and the other was a yellow lab. I believe you found them on South Union Street and the police said you brought them in about 5:15 p.m. Again, thank you so very much.

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