Revved up

The GOP’s main appeal is creating outrage. Nothing feels better than getting good and mad about something. Its current obsession, something called “critical race theory,” is just another in a long list of examples. It isn’t actually what they describe, but who cares? It’s more fun to get mad than to think. 

Cash prizes

I understand and agree with Gov. Charlie Baker’s decision to have a “vax lottery.” However, isn’t that rewarding bad behavior? The next time there’s a pandemic, will there be more selfish people who will wait until there is a prize for doing the right thing?

Time of need

I work at a Methuen golf course where two men in three weeks have had heart attacks, and thank goodness for the off-duty Lawrence firefighters who were there. They took control of the situations. Thanks to them for their superb efforts.

Bullying move

The cancellation of the fundraiser in Andover is nothing more than bullying by Democrats. As large groups make plans, their adversaries look to attend and short-circuit people from coming.

Two parts

The history professor at the University of New Hampshire who wrote Thursday’s column should take a basic course on the use of commas. His connection of the Second Amendment's right to bear arms with militia displayed his ignorance. The amendment is naturally divided into two parts — a prefatory clause (“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”) and an operative clause (“the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”).

Big payout

The retirement in Haverhill reported on the front page of the newspaper is a joke. Someone should call the police because the city is being robbed.

Noisy city

Recently the Haverhill City Council complained about having to put police on every corner. The council voted to purchase decibel meters years ago to fight noises from loud radios, motorcycles, parties and cars with coffee-can mufflers. These noises affect our quality of life. When you can hear these noises three or four blocks away, it negatively affects everyone else. We actually pay taxes for that quality of life — and we want it back.

Not hunky dory

Masks are to be worn at your preference, people are being forced back to work, and everything is hunky dory. Then why is the Massachusetts Legislature not meeting in Boston, and why are state workers still working from home, and why must I mask up to go to my doctor's office or a medical building? If the medical buildings are still masking up, we are not out of the woods yet.

Proper credit

Let’s make something clear: While Sid Harris might have assisted with many handicapped accessibility issues over the years in Methuen, he had nothing to do with the football stadium becoming accessible. The Methuen Athletic Improvement Committee was responsible for the upgrades to Nicholson Stadium and Danny Ford football field.

City nurses

It was sad to see no mention of the dedication and effort provided by the Lawrence Health Department and its nurses in providing COVID-19 vaccinations in Wednesday's article on the front page. The community vaccination clinic was a well-oiled machine.

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