Shopping carts

Overzealous cashiers and baggers at local stores should know that when someone is holding onto a cart, they should not pull the cart out of their hands and away from them. I use a shopping cart as a walker when I shop by myself and don’t want to fumble with both a walker and cart. It’s actually nice to find an abandoned cart near some parking spaces so that I can use it to walk myself into a store without fear of falling. Not everybody walks and stands the same.

Up in smoke

It’s funny how Haverhill is having problem with kids vaping in schools, but wants to put a pot store downtown. Promote pot downtown but try to stop kids from vaping — one will lead to another. Smarten up.

Their sacrifice

As we celebrate and commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, I want to thank the soldiers who served our country out of patriotism, so selflessly, many paying the ultimate price. There still are Americans who are patriotic, who will never forget what the flag represents, and who know what it meant as they landed on that beach in France knowing they might not return. It is because of these brave patriots that millions of immigrants from around the world are willing to do anything to reach our shores and borders. God Bless those who gave up so much for us to have even more. I am forever grateful.

Local bookies

What are the Lawrence police doing about illegal gambling in the city? People are taking bets on horses, baseball and the New York City and Dominican lotteries. They have handheld devices and regular desktop computers. Isn't this illegal?

Long hours

I am a teacher, and I frequently work seven-day weeks during the school year. I work two to five hours every day after the school day is over. I attend extra-curricular activities that many parents do not. Many of us teachers do this. Many people are unappreciative.

Rainy day

I like Andover Town Manager Andrew Flanagan's plan to spend Columbia Gas money repairing Andover, except for rebuilding showers at Pomp's Pond. The 100-year catastrophic occurrence cost $400,000, and may again someday. Better to have a rainy day fund than build now, just in case. More money spent for emergency preparation at the new Senior Center makes greater sense.

Suited for Haverhill

Shaun Toohey has a great smile and great personality, but everything he’s touched in public office has failed. He has no vision or formal education. He’s parochial. He was on Haverhill’s School Committee for years but probably couldn’t tell you what books were on the honors English reading list. Then again, maybe he’s perfect for Haverhill.

Missing hoop

Why was a basketball hoop and structure that has existed for years removed from the old Sargent School playground in east Methuen? Was it dangerous? The structure should be replaced. I'd rather see children playing there after school than sitting in their homes playing video games.


The word “viability" keeps coming up in our news now that abortion regulation is again a topic of debate. As employed by judges, politicians and media on the left, it’s a subjective value by which unqualified people seek to determine when an unborn baby is human. “Viable" sounds better. "Viability" is just another term to whitewash the ugliest parts of modern government — like "collateral damage" (murdered civilians) or "redacted" (government action hidden from view) or "political lion" (someone who hasn’t worked outside government in years). Those of a certain age recognize what George Orwell described when he coined the term “newspeak" to illustrate how government molds a lexicon to match its agenda.