I, too, agree with Tim Coco. Although having KidsFEST at Kimball Farm would be good, a lot of children will miss out. Is there some way the city of Haverhill or the bus companies could donate transportation so these children and their families can attend like they have every year? Remember, it’s about the children.


The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce should cancel KidsFEST and let all the complainers see if they can do it better.

Graduation speakers

I agree that Condoleezza Rice declined the invitation to speak on her own but to say that Rutgers and the protests are blameless is absurd. My take on it is that Ms. Rice had the class to not be part of a sideshow and place a cloud over the happy event a graduation is suppose to be. Regarding the comments that Ms. Rice is to blame for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is beyond absurd. Be advised that secretaries of state do not declare wars. That is the sole decision of our president, the commander-in-chief. Lastly, as the 2014 elections get going with the possibility of a run by former Sec. Hillary Clinton, I’m sure that you, being fair-minded, will hold Sec. Clinton’s feet to the fire as you did to Sec. Rice.


The definition of trending is the act of imitating, being a copycat, monkey-see, monkey-do, having no originality or creativity. Whatever “trend” someone started these days, people all have to say and do it, too, to keep up with the Joneses.

Census survey

Regarding the U.S. Census American Community Survey: I answered all questions on this survey, which I did not like. It claimed it was the law. You had no choice; you had to answer. It was very personal and I am surprised they did not ask how much I weigh or how many rolls of toilet paper I use since they asked how many toilets are in my home. Personally speaking the questions on this so-called survey did not seem right to me as an American living in the land of freedom of choice. If it was for public opinion about the town I live in such as schools, hospitals, shopping, police and fire departments etc., that would have made more sense.

Nanny state

When did New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” state turn into a nanny state? It seems our lawmakers don’t think we can “handle” having the gross temptation of keno and casinos around without losing the mortgage money. Our property taxes are through the roof and now they want to raise gas taxes. The Democrats are floating the idea of an income tax that will affect everyone. The people want a casino but I guess like on the national level, the people are not heard.


Whenever there is any type of government worker who retires with a decent pension that he or she has earned, there is an outcry by someone that is either envious or jealous or because they are a taxpayer. However, when a man from private industry that you help support by buying his product at horrendous prices retires with a disgraceful pension, nothing is said. I am referring to that head of an insurance company that went out with a cool $50 million. This company also had a fleet of cars at its disposal and a private jet. Now, the public knows this and where is the outcry? You are a consumer. Taxpayer or consumer can be one and the same.

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