Clean up

When will the city of Methuen clean up the dump-and-drive at the YMCA parking lot on Haverhill Street? People are leaving used toilets, mattresses, broken furniture and unwanted appliances at the clothing bins on a regular basis. Kids are playing in this and are going to get hurt.


While I was out running errands yesterday, it got hot in my car. I stopped at McDonald's in Haverhill to get a cold drink, and I was pleasantly surprised to be given a paper straw in place of the usual plastic. It is nice that McDonald's is finally doing something good for the environment. I hope the other fast food places will follow their lead.

Split speed bumps

I had hope for Lawrence Mayor Kendrys Vasquez before he re-installed the split speed bumps. Maybe the mayor and City Council should watch the fools who drive diagonally between the bumps at breakneck speeds. Straight line speed bumps are less dangerous. 

Media pressure

When you hear of the pressure on our Olympic athletes, such as Simone Biles, who is to blame? The media are the ones that set up unreasonable expectations. They do it every time. When a young golfer wins, they are immediately tagged the next Tiger Woods. It’s not fair.

Risky condition

In risky situations, wearing a mask is better than not. Being vaccinated is even better. Doing both makes sense in the current situation, just like seat belts plus airbags plus better brakes equal fewer highway fatalities. Besides, some who claim to be vaccinated could be lying.

Unfair attack

A Sound Off contributor tries shaming Karoline Leavitt for running for a seat in Congress because she worked in the White House while President Donald Trump was there. This person should be ashamed for calling her out. I don’t know Leavitt, but she is 23 and worked her way up to a job in the White House. Isn’t that what we want for kids — go to college and make something out of yourself? Enough with bashing a young woman because someone doesn't like who the president was. She’s moving forward. Don’t vote for her if you don't want to, but don’t attack a young woman with ambition.

Just deserts

Those who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 clearly do not believe in the U.S. Constitution. I suggest removing their citizenship. Take away their right to vote. This is the reward their actions deserve.

Passport required

Now we learn that Fox News, which has sounded a drumbeat of alarm over the idea of so-called “vaccination passports,” has quietly required them for employees. Whatever happened to “the end of human liberty in the west” or “Orwellian” surveillance? Fox News is the voice of fake outrage.

Campaign stop

Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini is sponsoring a "Touch a Truck" event at the city-owned public works facility. The mayor also happens to be running for reelection, so the public has a right to know if he is reimbursing the city for use of public property to host a campaign event. Are city employees working at this event? If so, is Fiorentini going to pay for their services out of his campaign funds, or will city resources be expended for his personal use?

Not to mention

What a travesty for this left-wing newspaper and all the mainstream liberal media not to mention what's happening at the southern border. It’s disgusting and a disgrace.

Gen Z Games

These Olympics are certainly emblematic of Generation Z, with a bunch of kneelers and quitters stinking up the joint. The U.S. women’s soccer team somehow advanced to the quarterfinals on a 0-0 tie with Austria. The men's basketball team also excels in kneeling and besmirching our flag, not so much scoring, having posted the lowest margins of victory in over 15 years.

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