What bravery?

President Obama is called brave for his directing of the capture of bin Laden. I don't get it. The only other option was to let him go.

Lots of alimony

I read an article in the paper talking about stopping the lifetime alimony. What kind of money does this person make that he can pay $700 a week? Don't you think that's some kind of misprint? It does not make sense; that would add up to more than $36,000 a year.

Overhaul needed

The state of Massachusetts is so archaic; they need to change a lot of laws. I don't understand that if a person is applying for heating aid, why does it open the door to other benefits so freely? There are far too many people taking advantage of these benefits they really don't need. The welfare department and many other agencies that give out to the poor need an overhaul. They're giving out too many benefits to people who don't deserve them.

Cut foreign aid

Is this too difficult for Washington to understand? Why don't we cut down where we need to cut down — the amount of money being passed out to foreign aid? Why do we have to even consider taking money away from federal retirement funds and Social Security? Why is that happening? Is it that hard to understand?

Check out Greenwood

In regards to the cemeteries being a problem and a disgrace, why don't people look at the Greenwood Cemetery in Haverhill?

Meter mistake

I'm calling in response to the article about the water meters and how Salem voted it in. No, Salem voters did not vote this in. When they went in and placed their votes, the town then elected to bring it up again at another town meeting where there were very few people present. That was not right. What is now happening is that the town is asking all people in Salem that have homes to pay for these water meters. There are many people in Salem who have wells that have already invested their money and put in wells and sewerage and so they are not part of the Salem system. And yet they are going to be asked to pay for the cost of these meters through the town's taxes. I think that Salem needs to look at only charging the people who are using the meters the extra tax bill. The taxes are ridiculous.

Why Niki says no

I'm calling in regards to a couple of Sound Offs that were printed in today's paper. One is called "Do something, Niki." William Lantigua helped them get back into office. He is their biggest supporter; drawing many, many votes to their side. They're not going to do anything. Number two, Willie didn't know that Lorenza was getting fuel assistance just like John Tierney didn't know his wife was laundering millions of dollars for her brother-in-law. And he got reelected.

Thanks, LPD

I want to thank the Lawrence Police Department and officer who quickly responded Saturday night to loud music on Prospect Hill, which helped an elderly sick person to get much needed rest.

Forgetful mayor

So Lantigua forgot to update his address on his car registration. Well, I hope he didn't forget to become a U.S. citizen in order to run for public office in Massachusetts. That is the law, I believe.

Go, Merrimack!

I would like to congratulate the Merrimack College women's softball team. I am very proud of them. I wish them the best of luck next weekend in their next tournament, from their number one fan.

Fire her

I'm calling about Lantigua and his girlfriend. She should be fired immediately. What is wrong with the City Council? They're not doing anything about it. I was born and raised in Lawrence, and this is the worst mayor we have ever had. Get with it , Lawrence!

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