Talking heads

Watching the Haverhill City Council the other night was a joke. There were people pandering to voters, making speeches, telling the world everything they did, on and on. They should be charged for the time they blabber nothing just to get their faces on TV. They could not care less about us; it’s time to clean house, especially on the right side of the TV screen.

Retaliation suit

The lawsuit filed by a candidate for Haverhill City Council, former City Councilor and business owner against a proposed business on Washington Street is nothing but retaliation. City politics are a horrible business. I won’t support the business or the City Council candidate in any form, and I hope others will follow.

Weak sentence

A Lawrence man gets one year in prison for selling $6,000 worth of fentanyl a day for his drug boss. That is a joke. If judges are handing down sentences like this, the problem will never be resolved, and we may as well open fentanyl shops. It’s a travesty and a slap in the face to law enforcement and taxpayers. Obviously criminals can afford to do the crime because they can afford to do the time.

Our money

Joe Biden is proposing a $1.7 trillion climate plan. This is labeled as “government spending.” Where do you think the government will get the money? From us, so it’s spending our money.

Everyone’s pride

I am all for pride in people, people’s pride in themselves, and people’s pride in their groups. However, when "pride" is shoved down our throats with a new pride month for every group, it all just becomes white noise. Be gay, straight, white, black, Muslim, Christian, whatever, but I don't need to celebrate every facet of every subgroup of America. As long as people are productive and patriotic, that's all the pride I need.

Track record

The contributor of “Hollywood critics” defends Georgia's House of Representatives in its passing of a repressive bill denying a woman the right to control her body by saying the men who voted for the bill are "duly elected representatives" of the state. Well, Georgia’s “duly elected representatives" voted for slavery, segregation and to elect as governor Lester Maddox, an individual popular among racists and white supremacists because of his trying to beat an African-American with a baseball bat for having the audacity to come in to his restaurant for a cup of coffee. Spare us the holier-than-thou "duly elected officials" defense of racism, bigotry, sexism and misogyny.

We all pay

The Sound Off writer who is so thankful that free lunches are available to Lawrence students under a federally funded program should think about this: Politics aside, there are no federally funded programs. This is a taxpayer-funded program. Nothing is free, we all pay, every day, for every “free” program.


“I’m an extremely stable genius,” says President Trump. Who in their right mind talks like this? Kanye West? I rest my case.

Empty promises

President Trump told his supporters he would bring down drug prices, and they bought it. Now the White House says that promise is inoperative. He told them he would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it. Now his secretary of homeland security says that’s unlikely. He said he would release his tax returns, and they bought that too. He hasn't and now says he never will. He said he would repeal Obamacare and replace it with something wonderful. We’re still waiting. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid.