Amateur photographers

Rep. Joe Kennedy III recently tweeted out his complaint that U.S. Customs and Border Protection would not allow him and his fellow Democrats to bring camera phones into detention facilities. He claimed the agency was trying to "hide things" from Congress. If the congressman had any formal training in detainee operations, as I have, he would know there are imminently valid security reasons to keep people from producing photos taken inside secure facilities. When the would-be photographers are Democratic politicians whose recent words and deeds show their main goal is in helping the criminals the facility is built to hold escape, those reasons become even more valid.


Remember a few months ago when Rep. Lori Trahan visited the New Balance factory in Lawrence and someone translated her speech into Spanish for the workers? New Balance just received $900,000 in state tax credits to build a plant in Methuen, and that city gave another $300,000 tax benefit, all with the promise that the company will create 60 new jobs. I hope the liberal Democrats giving away taxpayer funds got guarantees that the people hired by New Balance will be Americans who can speak the language of the country.

Trollers now trolled

I cringe when I see President Trump mugging for cameras with Russian President Vladimir Putin and saying things he knows will set Rachel Maddow’s and Jimmy Kimmel's hair on fire. On the other hand, I think about how richly these Democrats and their media mouthpieces deserve to be trolled by this guy after decades of trolling us in the working class.

History gaffes

He did it again, as only he can do. President Trump in his Fourth of July speech said that in 1775 the revolutionary army “took over the airports” from the British. Airplanes in 1775? He also referred to the revolutionary army as having “nothing but victory” in the battle for Fort McHenry, which took place in 1814. Trump is the real deal, and so aren't many of his supporters. Do they have no embarrassment at his lack of knowledge? Or is it endemic among them? Even though his gaffes are so outrageous, they are commonly accepted as truth by far too many of his horde.

Distorted message

I like and appreciate the messages drawn by the political cartoonist featured on Friday’s editorial page, when he drew about Nike’s recall of shoes featuring the Betsy Ross flag. However, I do not like the artwork. It is extremely stark, sharp, ragged and distorted.

Fireworks pass

If you live in Haverhill and know the right police officers, you can shoot off fireworks. That’s what it sounded like in the Bradford section of the city the other night. I made four calls, and there were still fireworks. Who’s enforcing the law? I’d like to know so I can set off fireworks too.

Simple solution

Since those teenagers wouldn’t listen to the lifeguard, as described in the recent Sound Off comment, his next step should have been to use his radio to call the police. That way, they could come and do their job, and he could do his. It's very simple to be assertive.

Free or not?

The comment “More pickups please” suggests Haverhill start picking up yard waste every other month for free. Why should the city do that when it charges $9 for a day pass and $45 for an annual pass to drop off yard waste?