Define progressive

I read the recent comment about the influx of money due to state Rep. Andy Vargas and the progressive change led by four School Committee members. Then looked in my Haverhill Dictionary to find the definition of “progressive.” Briefly stated, it means in the schools spend more, give out the highest pay raises in the city, and many matters for children are ignored. Missing in action is the former fiscally conservative mayor.

Big money

I have said time after time that Congress is bought. No better example than the news that the Russian aluminum oligarch plans to build a plant in Kentucky — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home state. Until the influence of big money is removed from our politics, you will get more of the same.


Have local cities and towns run out of paint? It seems like all of the painted dividing lines, turn-only marks and other roadway paint are just fading away, leaving it to drivers to divine which lane is a turn-only lane or just how much of the road is your side or even how close is too close to the shoulder. When you throw in new drivers and out-of-towners, it is especially dangerous.

Too much pot

Enough with the discussion of pot shops in Haverhill. Two is too many, never mind five. Members of the City Council must all be potheads. Instead of the council discussing this constantly, why not focus on more important things? Also, they should have a discussion on buying new flags for City Hall. The ones there now are a disgrace. I guess we need to vote for all-new councilors so that we can start being the city Haverhill used to be.

Presidential comment

"Hate has no place in our country," said President Donald Trump after the El Paso slaughter. Think about that statement and about the person who made it. Then try not to throw up.   

Forgotten cemetery

Whoever is in charge of Mary Immaculate Cemetery in Lawrence should be replaced. The weeds around the graves are higher then the stones, it looks like a dump. Someone should go check out the one in Methuen, which is so neat. How come they can’t do the same in Lawrence? No one is ever working, and when they are, they make a mess.

Record on firearms

President Trump says mass shooters are “really very seriously mentally ill.” Yet, he made it easier for them to get guns by nullifying a proposed regulation under President Obama that made it more difficult to for the mentally ill to get guns. It was one of the first things he did.  

The real offense

The Sound Off contributor who complains about Democrats who were no-shows at the signing of the law extending benefits to 9/11 responders must realize that not showing up at a publicity stunt in the Oval Office is not near as bad as voting against the bill. The two Republicans who voted against it were Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky. They were the real “no-shows."

Pot politics

I wonder how City Council and mayor would feel about five or six gun shops in Haverhill, each within a mile from a school? Isn't it funny how the city embraces something that is a federal crime, but chastises something that is a constitutional right? Socialists draw attention to the few bad gun owners but pay no attention to the sins of the drug-addled. Haverhill does not need all of these pot shops any more than it needs several gun stores. When will our leaders stop selling away our lifestyle, homes, traditions, families and children for more money? 


The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released its newest job numbers. It seems that a record high of 157.3 million people have jobs, up more than 200,000 in June. Sensible people would realize this booming economy is because of President Trump and his pro-business, pro-jobs agenda. Democrats will tell you it’s actually President Obama's economic miracle, and Trump was just the lucky dunce who inherited it. If Obama’s leaving office was all it took to supercharge the economy, he should have left eight years ago.