That’s no cure for inflation

So the solution to the massive inflation caused by out-of-control federal spending is more out-of-control federal spending? If this guy was in a nursing home, we wouldn’t leave him alone in the cafeteria, but we are still letting him run our country?

When a casket falls

With regard to an item in your paper about a man’s casket being dropped, I want to tell you that there is a German belief that if a casket falls with the body in it, the funeral director will die within six weeks! That happened to my Dad in 1950. He was the funeral director and died at age 45 in Shinnston, West Virginia. And he had no health problems.

Refill unemployment account

The Massachusetts Statehouse is trying to finalize how to use — or misuse — the federal money from ARPA. The Democrats are trying to use so much of it on pet projects that have absolutely nothing to do with the virus. The very first thing they should have done was refill the unemployment account that was used up because of the virus.

Having a smaller fund and making the businesses pay more to the fund is a direct attack on businesses, which Democrats just love to do. Many of these businesses just barely survived and lost a lot of employees because of the virus. Refilling the fund was the most obvious ethical thing to do, not what politicians like to do. It is always all about them. Remember that when you vote in 2022: Re-elect no one!

A few more ‘accomplishments’

Reference counting accomplishments: The author had to really dig deep. President Biden added jobs? Vaccine mandates? Future investments in infrastructure after torn out of the original bloated bill? They should have included inflation, Afghanistan, the border mess, reparations to illegals, and many more blunders hurting the average American Joe and Joan. And of course, they had to mention former President Trump.

Rayno was spot-on

The article by Garry Rayno about violent white male militias masquerading as lawful protectors was excellent. These men are hardly Christian. They are angry uneducated buffoons carrying guns to hide their cowardice. Trump, another criminal coward, gave them license while he cons and uses them.

Disagree with editorial

I had to read Wednesday’s editorial three times to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. If it’s true that most people who (supposedly) don’t have IDs live in urban, mostly democratic areas, please tell me how they buy alcohol and cigarettes, how they obtain welfare benefits, get on an airplane, and on and on.

The implication of your editorial is that you are fine with the millions of illegals crossing our border simply showing up to vote anywhere any time. If so, I believe you are seriously out of touch with what most legal citizens of our country want to see happen.

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