New plan

The government started giving needles to help stop the spread of HIV. Now there needles everywhere, endangering people’s lives. Once again, we’re met by the unintended consequences of a government program. It’s time to come up with a new plan.

Both sides

The media are quite concerned about the police in Salem, N.H., when there is news about investigations by the attorney general. Where are they now when none of the facts of the cases have led to indictments? Let's print both sides, to be fair.

Edit it out

Jane Thiefels’ recent letter about Sound Off was great. The Eagle-Tribune needs to edit out the hate about infanticide, immigrants and the poor. This hateful rhetoric is directed against Democrats and is perpetuated by President Trump. He may be doing this for political purposes, but then his supporters aim their attacks at immigrants, Jews, gays, lesbians and African-Americans. There have been a number of Sound Off contributions saying the same thing as Thiefels did.

Many sources

Hear! Hear! to the Sound Off writer addressing The Associated Press’ bias. I don’t bother reading anything from AP. There’s no point, you know what’s coming, with important facts omitted, misleading headlines, etc. It is incumbent upon newspaper readers, listeners of radio and watchers of TV to get information from many sources and examine all points of view, then form an opinion.

Farm bailout

President Trump's proposal for a $15 billion bailout for U.S. farmers because he's bankrupted them with his tariffs is the very definition of socialism.

Improper stop

An article in the Sunday Eagle-Tribune, “Haverhill police on watch for seat belt use,” states that fines start at $25. However, in Massachusetts, seat belt violations are a secondary offense, and a driver cannot be stopped for not wearing one. My question is, if the police can't stop you for a seat belt violation alone, then how are they going to give a ticket? Do they plan on creating another offense so they have a reason to stop you, then bag you for the seat belt violation? This doesn't sound proper. If there is no other violation, we should be left alone. If someone doesn't choose to wear one, I believe it's their choice, not the government’s or an insurance company’s.

Who goes

I agree with Mayor Daniel Rivera that the Democratic field is too large. However, I would prefer that Sen. Elizabeth Warren drop out and Congressman Seth Moulton remain.

Look elsewhere

The liberal political hacks demanding President Trump's tax returns seem to be seeking what’s clearly none of their business. I’d rather see the tax records of politicians who’ve become millionaires since being in office, than those of an existing millionaire who became a politician.


I can not wait for investigations by the inspector general and new attorney general to be announced, and all of the indictments that will follow. For eight years, everything was hidden from the people as the past president used executive privileges to stop investigations. It will be fun to watch the rats scatter to protect themselves.


The writer of "Misread and mislead" reinforces but doesn’t refute the earlier point: Writers on the left who support unions more than they do teachers (as the letter writer of May 12 clearly does) intentionally omit the word “union" from their letters, just as open-borders proponents leave "illegal" out of the term "illegal immigrants" in their ruminations. That was the whole point, and the absence of those terms proves it. Beyond that, the writer can misinterpret what’s written all they'd like but should not recruit newspaper editors into their propaganda campaigns.