Undo the mistake

In Methuen, we now realize that appointing five captains was a costly mistake by Chief Joseph Solomon and former Mayor Stephen Zanni. Who will be the first politician with a spine to call for the elimination of these extra positions? Who will be the first politician to speak up for the citizens and not their own interests? Is that asking too much? All the promotions should be rescinded, as they all had conflicts of interest spelled out in the inspector general’s report.  

Slow to pickup

Why does the city of Lawrence feel our yard waste only needs to be picked up every other week, from April until July? In the spring, we do yard cleanups from winter storms. We trim trees, and the grass certainly does not grow any slower during those four months. Yet, the bags sit in our garages and driveway rotting for two weeks at a time. Who came up with this plan? Maybe I should contact the state since it funds Lawrence because our leaders can’t.

Awash in red

I might believe some of these Democrat politicians telling me the college debt of rich kids was a serious problem were they not the same people currently raising debt ceilings to avoid having their own deficit spending slowed down. Our globally unprecedented national debt of $22 trillion is now over 75% of our gross domestic product. Approximately 39% of it is owned by foreign governments. Like good Democrats, these people are very concerned about taking other people's money and managing other people's debt, but they’re not so on top of their own spending habits putting our nation on the road to ruin.

What busing means

Asked at a press conference about busing to integrate schools, President Trump says: "It has been something that they've done for a long period of time. I mean, you know, there aren't that many ways you’re going to get people to schools." The leader of the free world has no clue what busing is.

Out of control

This is complete, utter madness now that you cannot walk on the sidewalk, mow your lawn or even sit on your porch without someone running you over. We can’t even ban cell phone use while driving in Massachusetts. The Registry of Motor Vehicles is out of touch, and people are driving who have no right being behind the wheel. Seven motorcyclists dead in New Hampshire are proof enough of that — and the situation has been like this for years. We have a governor whose only concern is pouring more money into the MBTA. Good, let him take the train for his next job.

Plenty of funds

Democrats say there is no money for a wall but there is $4.5 billion for food, clothing, housing and medical care for illegal immigrants. We citizens are told to just keep paying and not saying anything or we’ll be labeled some sort of “ist.”

Open invitation

Now that we have seen them debate, we know one thing: It will be replayed in every third world country. You can count on people in those places packing their backpacks and heading to our borders. You heard it for yourself: Everything is free in America. I don’t know how long we can support 6 billion people, but Democrats sure want to try. Happy Fourth of July!