Remember, it’s not guns that kill, guns make us all safer. We should have the right to bear all types of assault weapons — including sub-machine guns, rocket propelled grenades, rocket launchers and atomic missiles.

Big deficit

Bloomberg reports, “The U.S. budget deficit grew to $866.8 billion in the 10 months of the new fiscal year, a 27% increase from the same period one year earlier.” Once again, just like with presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, the deficit is out of control thanks to trickle-down economic theory. It's the same theory President Trump’s tax cut promotes. It’s funny that Democrats are the folks who have consistently paid the bills and balanced the budget, while Republicans cut funding for the food stamps whose beneficiaries include hard-working families working two jobs to make ends meet.

Long hours

Anyone who knows Margaret Marotta, Haverhill’s new superintendent of schools, is aware that she is a hard worker who puts in long hours. She generally works 10 to 12 hours per day. In summer, she is entitled to a vacation, yet she takes very little time off. She is now addressing the serious issues of overcrowded and failing school facilities that have been ignored for the last 10 years. What a gift to the children of Haverhill to have her on board.

Who is vilified?

I see that Sen. Kamala Harris told CNN that updates to the long-defrauded green card system are "attempts by (President) Donald Trump to vilify immigrants." What about the daily attempts by Harris and her fellow Democrats to vilify swaths of working-class white Americans as racist bigots?

Fresh faces

Methuen should vote smart. City Council Chairwoman Jennifer Kannan has been in power for more than 10 years and hasn't fixed a single thing. Her connections to Mayor James Jajuga, Frank McCann and the rest of the cabal is undeniable. Voters should elect Dan Shibilia as mayor. He’s educated, has no conflicts and wants what's best for Methuen.

Shifted around

The reader who attacked Haverhill’s previous superintendent and said "problems were swept under the rug” doesn’t know what’s going on in the schools. Class sizes are going down in the middle schools but up in the K through second-grade classrooms. No teachers were added, just shifted around. Overcrowding was not solved.

Less security

Haverhill High School had many security guards in uniform a year ago. They were very visible, with thousands of dollars spent on cameras and security stations that were working effectively. Now there are fewer security guards, and all wear polo shirts and chinos, certainly not making a visible presence or statement of a working security force. Don't be fooled by the rhetoric from the mayor and others. I work there, and it’s obvious to everyone that much of what was working has been discarded. We now see the results.

Summer break

Senators and members of Congress talked a good game about going back to Washington, D.C., and taking emergency action against mass shootings. But in the end they decided that continuing their summer vacation was more important. Remember that the next time you see a politician fundraising from a tragedy.


The writers who sent letters to the editor about Neil Perry and Dan Shibilia should get real. No one has ever heard of these two newcomers. What could they possibly bring to Methuen? They have no experience or knowledge in running a city. Others are pushing them to rock the boat. If Perry doesn't like being in the spotlight, he sure has a funny way of showing it, by running for mayor. If Shibilia is not a politician, running for mayor needs a new definition. Hopefully voters are wise enough to make a truly educated choice