Poor sidewalks

If a Haverhill High student lives within 1.5 miles of school, he or she must walk. There are no decent sidewalks in any direction. Students walk in the streets, especially in winter. We have old, broken hot-top curbs, especially on Hilldale Avenue. Why would Bradford get such a facelift? We should have beautiful granite curbs and gorgeous sidewalks in all directions near our high school. We will continue to pay our taxes, much like Bradford.

Website down

The City of Methuen website has been down for a week and they seem in no hurry to fix it. Is this Zanni’s way of pushing for his privatized IT department?

SEAL deaths

Aug. 6 was the second anniversary of the very suspicious deaths of 22 of our very brave members of SEAL Team 6, the team responsible for capturing and killing Osama bin Laden. To this day the Obama administration continues to be very reluctant to give any answers to the families of these brave patriots on the exact cause of their deaths.

Obama scandals

It makes me really, really angry to hear Mr. Obama call Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, Solyndra, the GAO conventions, and all the other rip-ups of the Constitution “phony.” These scandals are laid directly at his door and he has no one to blame for them but himself and the people he has hand-picked. There is no excuse he can offer and I am sick and tired of listening to him try to push the blame off on other people, or him trying to change the subject as he jets around the country doing his campaigning on our taxpayer dime.

Need decaf

Several seniors are thrilled with the recent donation that was given to the senior center in North Andover. Job well done and the funds will greatly assist the seniors. Maybe one small request would be to fund a small amount of money for a second coffee machine for decaf coffee. All other senior centers we visit have both types of coffee available. This gesture will be much appreciated.


Hey, Mr. President! Didn’t I hear you say that al-Qaida is on the run and is devastated because you caused the death of Osama bin Laden? If that is the truth, why are 22 of our embassies in the Middle East closed and why are people being told not to travel there? Gee, maybe once again you lied!


So St. Mary’s is not making enough money to keep Bingo going for the people who have it as possibly the only enjoyment they have or can afford. Wonderful! I guess I thought incorrectly that making money was not the primary mission of the Catholic Church but to care for and nurture the elderly, lonely and less fortunate of the parish. The profitability of Bingo in St. Mary’s should not be the issue but rather, if it is serving a need in the parish. I think the pastor and the parish council were way out of line on this one. Maybe they — and that includes the pastor — should rethink what a Catholic parish is.

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