New wave

Methuen City Council Chairwoman Jennifer Kannan represents the miscues of the past. The city of Methuen has had it. Neil Perry is here for integrity and accountability.

Rude remarks

I enjoyed the pasta and meatballs that Jennifer Kannan generously donated to us seniors; we even were able to take some home for another dinner. How rude of the contributors of “Competent cook” and “Enough damage” to say anything so hateful about her competence. Perhaps they should be as generous and dig into their own wallets. I'm voting for her for mayor of Methuen for her integrity, something her opponent does not have. She has done no damage to our fine city.

Limited investigation

I cannot believe the Seabrook police investigation of the accident that killed Andrew Dobson. No team was sent to reconstruct the accident scene. I think the driver of the car should be charged with more than DUI.

Professional needed

Jennifer Kannan wonders where Neil Perry has been. He was a resident of Methuen who, like so many of us, was paying growing taxes and watching as our local government fell apart — on her watch. She criticizes him but she was in the driver’s seat and drove us right off a cliff. Now she wants to be our mayor? Not a chance. We’re lucky that he is stepping up. It’s high time that we have a leader who is a professional instead of a politician.


While our Kurdish allies are being decimated because of the president’s unconscionable betrayal, First Lady Melania Trump is building tennis courts at the White House and President Donald Trump is doing a stand-up routine in Minnesota. It’s sickening. And we need a cure.

Excellent job

The writer of "Enough damage" has no clue as to Jennifer Kannan's record in Methuen politics. She has 10-plus years of experience, and she has done the city well. She’s made no mistakes. She was voted in by a majority each time, and she has done an excellent job on the City Council and in her volunteer work. Those who are bashing her are being loyal to the wrong candidate for the wrong reasons.

True friends

The list of contributors to Jennifer Kannan's campaign is a “Who’s Who” of city officials, unions and businesses. Of course they are simply "true friends" who would never ask anything in return, right? They want no favors when their union contracts come up,  or when it's time for a raise, or when they need plumbing or heating or real estate services. They give money and expect nothing in return. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

Not serious

Here's a tip for those suffering from terminal “Trump derangement syndrome”: If you want to write a sober letter to the editor but include the statement "I understand that conservatives hate that just anyone should receive health care," you won't convince anyone that you're attempting reasonable dialogue. You will only have put on public display that you cannot be taken seriously.

Meatball maker

If you really want to vote for the person who made the meatballs as mayor of Methuen, that would be the owner of Borelli's Italian Deli, not Jennifer Kannan, And he would do a better job.


Does President Trump know that the only other countries with the United States on the beaches of Normandy were Canada and Britain? I’m asking for some Kurdish friends.

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