Shooting story

Why is the shooting of a teenager in Methuen not a front-page headline in The Eagle- Tribune? Have shootings just become so commonplace that it’s no big deal, or is it a matter of protecting our highly paid police from having to justify their ability to keep us safe?

New tact

Supremacists, haters of immigrants (legal and illegal), Nazis and racists are taking a different tact here — and they are not “supposed,” they are real. No one took Germany’s Nazis seriously either until it was too late. It's fine to complain publicly. It may be legal to incite hatred and violence, though it is morally repugnant. Bullying, name calling, humiliation and physical threats have made their way back to America, propelled by the president. Sadly their messaging brings Haverhill down economically. Who would want to locate here?

Litter cameras

Am I the only one disgusted with the amount of trash that lines our road? It’s only a matter of time that those portable radar traps that the police use will be camera-equipped, with a ticket arriving in the mail. Maybe a motion-activated camera in heavily littered areas, such as highway on- and off-ramps, could raise some much-needed cash.

Retirement money

I challenge The Eagle-Tribune to do an article for the residents of Haverhill: Which former politicians receive public pensions, and how much? We hear about "public service" all the time, let's see how public it really is. They receive stipends and a small salary, but some also get themselves into the retirement fund.

Anonymous forum

A far-left commenter writes: “Sound Off is not the place for white nationalists, white supremacists, racists or haters of immigrants, legal or illegal. The rhetoric spouted from the president has fueled this problem.” So, if you disagree with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and don't support third-trimester abortions, carbon taxes and open borders, you are a slack-jawed, racist redneck. This writer shows precisely why so many people gravitate to this anonymous forum, where we can express mainstream positions that oppose Democrats without having our names and our children proverbially tarred and feathered.

Fix our own

Even Haverhill’s mayor recently admitted that the streets are bad. The roads are being repaired with Chapter 90 money from the state — not with taxpayer’s money. So, why are fixing Route 125 (Main Street), which is a state road, instead of using those funds wisely on repairing city streets? Let the state fix its roads.

Clean up

Next time you have a yard sale in the west side of Methuen, please remove your signs afterward. Otherwise I will start taking down the signs prior to your sale. Clean up after yourself.

Vague sources

A recent submission begins with the statement, “Research and pollsters show that a typical supporter of President Trump ended their education in high school.” Ah, yes, "research and pollsters" — just like "science" shows America is evil, and "anonymous sources" claim all Republicans commit crimes in office. It really just boils down to the usual liberal non-argument: "We are right and anyone who disagrees with us is a racist/sexist/stupid redneck."

Payment advice

When you get a bill from a health provider aggressively demanding payment, be sure your insurance or supplemental insurance has “denied” payment before you do anything. Such demands are one way they can collect and use your money for a while as part of their operational budget before giving you a credit. Always check to see what your insurance has or has not paid.