On the rocks

My wife and I went to Salisbury Beach and enjoyed the sun and surf. However, while there, many times we saw older kids walking on the rocks at the jetty. The lifeguard had posted a sign with three orange cones stipulating that no one trespass on the rocks, as it was considered too dangerous. By the action of these unsupervised kids, the lifeguard was distracted from his responsibility to watch bathers in the ocean. Many times after he asked them to leave, some returned, ignoring his warnings.

‘Concentration camp’

If detention facilities for illegal immigrants are "concentration camps,” as Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says, what does that make her and her fellow Democrats when they use rhetoric and legislative malfeasance to drive hordes of people here to fill them? When word spreads about all Democrat candidates for president calling for "free" healthcare for these people during last week's debates, I am sure it will curb the stampede north. Sure it will.

Free for them

Imagine for a minute that you’ve worked at the same job for over two decades, and the health insurance you can afford, provided by your employer, has been described as "crummy" by your girlfriend, who works in the insurance industry. Now imagine you just paid over $4,000 out of pocket for eye surgery. How do you feel when you see all the Democratic candidates on stage raising their hands in favor of free healthcare for illegal immigrants — realizing, of course, that free really means someone else, like all the rest of us, has to pay for it?

Five to one

Lawrence has one police captain. Why does Methuen need five?

Bowing to pressure

Shame on Nike for bowing to a few loudmouth radicals regarding the Betsy Ross flag. This flag symbolizes the unity of the original 13 Colonies joined against the British. If we continue down this road, our entire history and its valued, honored symbols will be erased. Just because a group adopts a historic memorial for its cause does not mean we have to remove all semblance of that symbol. It’s only a matter of time before Colin Kaepernick and Co. demand we tear down the Washington Monument, bust up the Liberty Bell, sink Old Ironsides, and destroy other symbols of our great country because they make them uncomfortable. Companies like Nike should stand up and remind people that symbols like the Betsy Ross flag stand for unity and a common cause for freedom.

Slow down

Groveland Street in the Riverside area of Haverhill has become a speedway from Charlie's Variety to the bridge. Some cars and motorcycles are going 50 to 60 mph, or faster. For the sake of the children and animals who live on this street, slow down. You could not stop in time for them.


Remember a few months ago when Rep. Lori Trahan visited the New Balance factory in Lawrence and someone translated her speech into Spanish for the workers? New Balance just received $900,000 in tax credits from the state to build a plant in Methuen, and that city gave another $300,000 tax benefit, all with the promise that it will create 60 new jobs. I hope the liberal Democrats giving away taxpayer funds got guarantees that the people whom New Balance hires will be Americans who can speak the language of the country.

Trollers trolled

I cringe when I see President Trump mugging for the cameras with Russian President Vladimir Putin and saying things he knows will set Rachel Maddow’s and Jimmy Kimmel's hair on fire. On the other hand, I think about how richly these Democrats and their media mouthpieces deserve to be trolled by this guy after decades of trolling us in the working class.


I hope the governments of Guatemala, Mexico and other countries remember how compassionately we accepted their refugees over the years, and return the favor when Democrat policies collapse our economy and our citizens start streaming south seeking asylum.