Haverhill’s money

Sven Amirian, our elected School Committee member, feels the taxpayers of Haverhill must keep up and catch up with the spending of neighboring communities. Really? How about Methuen where budgets for schools, police and other departments are a disaster? It's time that Amirian be concerned about how Haverhill spends our money and not the spending of our careless neighbors.

Anything goes

Stricter gun control is certainly part of the solution to indiscriminate shootings. To leave it at that is naïve and an over-simplification. James Howard Kunstler writes, "This is exactly what you get in a culture where anything goes and nothing matters. Extract all the meaning and purpose from being here on earth, and erase as many boundaries as you can from custom and behavior, and watch what happens, especially among young men trained on video slaughter games."

Overdue change

Did you catch the legal notice in The Eagle-Tribune by the U.S. Department of Labor? It detailed the re-employment and training programs offered to an Andover company after it laid off workers because it could not compete against cheap imports flooding into the country. Not only do U.S. workers lose when jobs are shipped out of the country, they lose when products come into the country, and taxpayers end up paying for these federal programs. Change to U.S. trade policies to protect American workers is long overdue.

Common good

More mass shootings help remind us of how Congress has been bought. More than 90 percent of Americans favor background checks for the sale of all guns. Yet, the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers prevent it from happening. Both the NRA and gun makers are big financial backers of the GOP. It used to be that the common good was a major concern of both Congress and business practices. Greed has taken that away.

Stuck in traffic

I agree that traffic in and out of Boston is terrible. I left my home in Methuen to go to a doctor’s appointment at Mass. General, and it took me two and a half hours. It doesn’t matter what time you go, you will be stuck in traffic.

Red flag

The buzzword of the gun-hating left and the cowardly right these days is "red flag law," meaningless legislation that will supposedly stop mentally ill people from buying a gun. Here is why it must be opposed: Do you remember a little while back when some Democrats attempted that 25th amendment foolishness trying to get President Trump removed from office because his alleged "alarming mental instability"? Dozens of leftist "mental health professionals" agreed with that garbage "diagnosis." That’s exactly how red flag laws can be abused. If they can do that to Trump, they can do it to anyone.


Joe Sherlock does not make a convincing case for electing Haverhill’s councilors by ward. His statements are unsubstantiated, and he relies on a predominantly emotional argument. Joe needs to do better than this if he expects people to vote for him.

Police chase

They may be wary of high speed chases, but that didn't stop police Thursday night. I counted at least 15 cruisers speeding toward Interstate 495 with sirens blaring and lights flashing. It’s too bad they couldn't stop the one car they were pursuing.