Family values

All this talk of Market Basket being a “family” is tiring. Let’s all remember that before Arthur T. was crowned the patron saint of grocery workers, he was the “bad Arthur.” It was Arthur T. who was found by the court to have cheated his family out of millions. Does anyone remember that? Arthur S. was the one who was wronged. So much for the family values in the Demoulas Market Basket episode.

Used as pawns

As a customer, I don’t want to be used as a pawn in the fight between millionaires. Most customers don’t care about the which “Arthur” is in charge. We just want food to be on the shelves again. It doesn’t matter to me which millionaire wins. Don’t usurp the customers in this battle.

Customers hurt

I can’t believe that customers are supporting Market Basket employees. We, the customers, are forced to pay much higher prices at other grocery stores and that is OK? We, the customers, who contribute to their salary and jobs, are the ones who are getting hurt. If that is OK with employees, then Market Basket should close its doors quickly and everyone will be on the street. That will be OK with me. I hope another grocery store comes in fast. And then, as with corporate America, the only ones who win are the big-wigs.

Back to work

Market Basket workers have been out of work for two weeks and it’s time to go back to work. You’re putting your jobs in jeopardy, you’re hurting the vendors, and most of all you’re hurting the customers who’ve loved shopping there and have enjoyed the savings for so many years. You’re fortunate to have jobs. Do you know how many people are unemployed? I am one of them. I’ve worked at companies and when managers or ownership changed we still went into work every day. You’re not unionized. You work for the Demoulas family. They do not work for you. They set the rules. You all work together.

Take the money

I call myself one of the “4 percent.” I have shopped at Market Basket since the 1970s. I was a vendor in the 1980s delivering Sun Ray Bakery products to the Market Basket and Demoulas stores in Salem, N.H. I am writing to tell the current board of directors that I will not return to any of your stores until you accept the offer of Arthur T. Come on Arthur S., here’s your chance to do the right thing! Take all the money and move on. For the sake of the company, workers and most of all the 4-percenters like me, the customer!

Grave danger

Does the Center for Disease Control have a position on the safety of the general population of the United States or are they and their professional knowledge and opinions insignificant to this president? The influx coming over the border as well as two people about to arrive who have the Ebola virus are a grave danger and a pandemic of some type is quite likely.

Trust them?

Ebola is being introduced to us in America by our U.S. government morons, not by the feared terrorists. Two American aid workers seriously ill with Ebola have been brought from West Africa to Atlanta for treatment in one of the most tightly sealed isolation units in our country. There is no room for error here. Do you trust these bozos? God bless us all.

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