Background checks

I just watched (unintentionally) a political ad by a self-made billionaire. This Democratic candidate for president was blabbering about gun background checks. He is only truthful in that, more than likely, 90% of citizens think these checks should be conducted. He misleads those less-informed by saying there are no such checks. I would invite him to visit any gun shop or dealer and attempt to purchase one. He will be subjected, as everyone is, to not only having his background checked but also having the serial number on his new firearm recorded. Tell the truth, Tom Steyer.


I have a master’s degree in prehistoric anthropology and I can’t understand why I can’t find a good, six-figure job, pay back by $200,000 student loans and car loan, and still afford a $600,000 home in the suburbs. How soon before Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s student bailout?

Negative effects

The recent arrest of a staffer at Granite Recovery Center in Salem, N.H., and the death of a Manchester man very involved in the sport of disc golf show the grip of drugs. It seems both were wonderful, caring people whose lives headed in the wrong direction because of addiction. All of us can look back on our lives and reflect on bad decisions, but did they have the same impact on us that these addictive drugs have? Did addiction start because of pain from an injury, or did it start with the attitude, "it won't happen to me”? I’d like to see the courts impose sentences that can be reduced if an offender agrees to speak honestly to students as to how they got involved and the negative impacts it's had.

Stoking division

Democrats from urban areas are told all police are racist, then people begin hosing down police officers until they start physically attacking beat cops. The "Ferguson effect" has taken root coast to coast, where police in urban areas fear for their safety and jobs, and simply stay in their cruisers and drive past crime-ridden areas. The rest of us drive through cities run by Democrats with our children as quickly as we can and only when necessary. Democrats talk about President Trump's dangerous rhetoric, but as usual, it’s the Black Lives Matter movement, half of the Democratic presidential field and other far-left radicals who actively stoke the division that tears at the fabric of this country.


A liberal's paradise would be a place where everybody is guaranteed employment, free health care, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing and free utilities, while only law enforcement has guns. Believe it or not, such a place actually exists right here in the U.S. It’s called prison.

Dutiful people

We should all be more careful to not upset the sensibilities of those who don’t like to read things with which they disagree about what their government tells them, or “whining,” as a recent contributor described it. Let's face it, America was made great by generations of people who shut up and dutifully did what their ruling elites told them to do, dating back to the colonies.  That's probably why freedom of speech is way down the list of amendments to the Constitution.

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