Ebola risk

The Center for Disease Control’s latest recommendation is that people at high risk for coming down with Ebola avoid commercial air travel and large, crowded gathering, I guess like going to see a big-name movie on a Friday or a Saturday night, even if the high-risk person has no symptoms.  It doesn’t recommend a 21-day quarantine like the ones the governors of Maine, New York and New Jersey have tried to impose.  The judge who lifted the nurse’s quarantine order only required her to stay three feet away from other people, which would seem in line with CDC recommendations.  I think that brave nurse up in Maine is a true hero for going to West Africa to fight Ebola and that she did the right thing by fighting her quarantine.


The thing that I will miss the least about this election is the unbelievable amount of Shaun Toohey yard signs that literally litter my town. Since we’ve been subjected to this sign pollution for months now, my only hope is that they get taken down immediately after the election, recycled and not wind up in a landfill. That’s the least the Toohey campaign can do after subjecting us to their incessant advertising.

Be positive

With all the major issues facing our society today, it continues to amaze me what some people focus on. If only they spent their energy looking for he positivity in life instead of sweating the small stuff, we’d all be much happier.

No signs

This year our polling location was moved from the Salem Senior Center to the Barron School. When you drive up to the school there is a large stand of trees blocking your view of the gymnasium and the parking lot, where voting was taking place. I, along with many other voters, parked on the street adjacent to the school, walked to the front door only to find a sign directing us to the other side of the school where the polling location was. Wouldn’t it have been easier, at least for the new voters to this location, to have a sign on Butler Street at the entrance to the parking lot near the gymnasium saying “Voting,” with an arrow? It would have saved many senior citizens a long walk from their cars. Of course this all hinges on the fact that Salem has to first care about its senior citizens.

Driving problems

Could people please stop texting while driving? You are an accident waiting to happen. You do not watch the road and do not pay attention to cars near you as you are too busy texting or reading emails. You are a danger on the road. What could be more important than paying attention to your driving? If it is an emergency and you need to contact someone or someone needs to contact you, then get off the road to do it. Could you also please stop going though red lights? You have come close to hitting me a few times. Oh, and by the way, since I am not a mind reader, could you please use your directionals.

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