Thanks for supporting Zanni for mayor

To the editor:

First off, I would like to thank you and your paper for your professionalism while covering the mayoral race in Methuen these past few months. However I am writing this letter to thank all the citizens of Methuen, especially those who voted to re-elect Steve Zanni as mayor for restoring my faith in this great city.

I have seen quite a few mayors come and go over the past 22 years since my wife and I and our kids decided to make Methuen our home. Some of the previous mayors did a great job while others not such a great job.

Mayor Zanni in my opinion falls under that category of a mayor who has done a great job for our city over the past two years as his campaign slogan said “because results count.” So why would we not give him an opportunity to be mayor the next term or two years? Isn’t that the right way of rewarding an employee of the people for doing a great job?

By re-electing Mayor Zanni we not only showed the other cities within the Merrimack Valley that the one with the most signs doesn’t win an election in Methuen but we also sent a message that you need to have some type of platform to run for mayor in Methuen! I also believe we sent a message that we are no longer going to elect someone mayor in Methuen just because they say they are going to “make Methuen a better place to live.” That’s a great statement but then you better be ready with some type of explanation or statement of how you are going to make Methuen a better place to live!

Please remember that you do not need to be mayor of Methuen to make it a better place to live but instead anyone who calls themselves “Methuenites” and live in Methuen can do that, including city councilors. So I really need to thank you all for doing what is right and not what is expected! For this I say, thank you!

Jim Moriarty


Support in time of loss appreciated

To the editor:

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the citizens of North Andover for the overwhelming support provided to our family after the sudden passing of T.J. McEvoy. We were touched by the countless cards, flowers, phone calls, meals, etc. we received from the community and the outpouring of support at his wake at St. Michael’s Church. It was beyond our belief.

T.J. loved this town and clearly touched many lives. The kind gestures and generosity of this town has been a tremendous support to us as we mourn and remember T.J. We wish we could thank you all personally and wanted you all to know how much this outpouring of support has meant to us.

The McEvoy family

North Andover

Lydon was a true friend of Veasey Park

To the editor:

The eighth annual Wine and Art Reception at Veasey Park on Saturday, Nov. 2, was dedicated to our friend and committee member, Jan Lydon, who passed away several months ago after a short illness. As we planned this year’s event without Jan’s leadership, we found it very fitting to remember Jan for her work and dedication as a member of the Veasey Park Management Committee, chairman of the Groveland Cultural Council and a past member of the Groveland Activities Committee. Jan’s work with the Wine and Art Reception has made the event bigger and better each year. She gave of her time tirelessly as a volunteer in the town of Groveland. Jan also shared her knowledge and love for art with the students whom she taught each week for many years.

Veasey Park is a very special place for a lot of us and it has brought many of us together over the years as we work to make the park a place for everyone to enjoy. Many people come here each day throughout the year to relax, to view the bountiful nature or simply to go back in time. For what ever reason we came to Veasey to work in some capacity, we have formed close and special bonds with each other. We have lost a very dedicated member of our team here at Veasey and we will take time to heal. We sincerely appreciate everyone who came Saturday night to help us with this healing process and to help us preserve Jan’s dedication and love for Veasey.

We will be making some needed renovations in our main building over the next year with the very generous donations which have been made in Jan’s memory. It is never easy to lose a family member or a close friend whether it is expected or sudden. We are never prepared for death, no matter how strong we think we are and this is why we reached out to all of you Saturday night to help us keep Jan’s memory alive. We thank you and are grateful for your support as we continue our work here at Veasey.

Claire Walsh

Veasey Management Committee


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