5 Esty Way: Macisaac FT 1998 and Jan Amerio-Macisaac to Monique Desouza and Douglas Souza, $900,000

140 King St.: Cheryl A. and Joseph M. Chancler to Lindsey Aylward, $525,000

1 Off King Way: Saj RT and Stephen M. Dehullu to Katie A. and Robert J. Fink, $725,000


37 17th Ave. Unit 37: Raymond D. Diebel and Nicole M. Procaccini to Chhatra Bel and Amrindra Ouk, $385,000

10 7th Ave.: Hirme J. Romero and Cenzina Tralci to Cara and Sean Munnis, $630,000

55 Altamont St.: Gina M. Cole and Andrew R. Plourde to Dylan E. Colon and Caribel Torres, $450,000

80 Bateman St. Unit 80: Allison S. Mazzotta to Lisa A. Lang, $367,500

15 Beechwood Dr.: Michael Antalek to Lisa Dipierro, $527,500

40-42 Came Ave.: Atlantis Ventures LLC to Frederick C. Hooper, $524,000

50 Casablanca Ct. Unit 50: Woods Patricia A Est and James W. Hubka to Theresa Cummings, $290,000

103 Cedar St.: Gagliardi Real Estate LLC to Jade RT and Peter W. Cowden, $1,300,000

17 Coates Lane Unit 17: Philip Grouf to Minhthe Nguyen, $390,000

6 Cogswell Ave.: Gina and Ricardo Ricart to Jason and Mary K. Celli, $452,000

131 Colby St.: Elizabeth Clark to Douglas T. Standley and Morgan E. Watt, $450,000

Creek Brook Dr. Lot 2a1: Mar Fiber Tech 2 LLC to Goldenrod Inc, $7,100,000

66 Danforth Ct. Unit 66: Dipietro 2008 FT and Celeste C. Ferguson to Alessandro Sabato, $360,000

410 Farrwood Dr. Unit 410: Linda Fredette to Richard Rollka, $315,000

74 Front 9 Dr.: Front 9 Drive LLC to Leonard B. and Linda L. Foote, $639,900

90 Front 9 Dr.: Front 9 Drive LLC to Joseph and Noreen Murphy, $632,000

203 Groveland St.: Lauren A. and Noah Hunt to Demir Keco and Siera Sim, $450,000

256 Groveland St.: David P. Hodgkins to Olivia G. Burnham and Kevin J. Hardin, $415,000

408 Groveland St.: Gerald J. and Sandra J. Bonin to Rebecca Dasilva, $480,000

18 Haley Road: Kevin Mooradian to James J. and Maura E. Tucker, $525,000

26 High St.: Jose R. Adames to Amanda Griswold, $450,000

34 Jackson St.: Emiliana Fiallo and A P. Medrano-Gonzalez to Herminio C. Baez and Euberta Cruz, $515,000

84 Laurel Ave.: Carolyn M. and Mark T. Sheppard to Chelsea A. Mcquaid, $405,000

14 Lewis St.: Carmelo Vazquez to Martha I. and Natanael Cortes, $385,000

395 Lowell Ave.: Pentucket Motor Lodges to Pentucket Bank, $1,245,000

6 Mackenzie Way Unit 6: Jairon Garcia to Dario C. Manon, $508,000

1146 Main St. Unit 1146: Richard A. Hayes and Haverhill Bank to 1144 Main Street LLC, $163,000

7 Maple Ave.: Haverhill Group LLC to Bigfoot Property 3 LLC, $735,000

61 Mercury Terrace Unit 61: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Nicholas Rucci, $279,900

131 Merrill Ave.: Elizabeth Karanu to Anshu Agrawal and Akash Goyal, $610,000

93 Montclair Road: R J Sullivan Sr RET 1998 and Richard J. Sullivan to Jarrett Mcgilloway, $450,000

440 North Ave. Unit 197: Kimberly R. Dalton to Davis VanNguyen, $230,000

440 North Ave. Unit 212: Mary M. and Michael L. Doyle to Kris A. and Stacey A. Ultrino, $220,000

440 North Ave. Unit 245: Chris Schaffer to Brett Thornton, $152,000

440 North Ave. Unit 248: Anthony Montisanti to Ariadna V. and Johnathan Clamens, $150,000

440 North Ave. Unit 267: Montisanti FT and Anthony Montisanti to Ariadna V. and Johnathan Clamens, $155,000

11-13 Orchard St.: Catherine M. and Young S. Chang to Marlin F. Calderon, $580,000

1 Park Ave Unit B: Jarrett F. McGilloway to Luis Orellana and Yartza Rios, $315,000

22 Phoenix Row: Bethany Homes Inc. to Phoenix Row LLC, $12,300,000

42 Phoenix Row.: Bethany Homes Inc. to Phoenix Row LLC, $12,300,000

315 Primrose St.: Rosengard RT and Pamela J. Rosengard to MRH ASA LLC, $750,000

19 Silver St. Unit 19: Laurence Hawkes to Jason Barbosa and Alexandra Lopez-Hernandez, $410,000

20 Stelyani Dr.: Lewis FT and Jeffrey D. Lewis to Helio Ferreira-Guimaraes and Silvia L. Guimaraes, $880,000

26 Tiverton Ave. Unit 26: Jaclyn M. and Paul R. Ledoux to John M. Stratton, $328,000

30 W Parish Ct. Unit 30: Dorothy Fuchs and David J. Rokes to Kathryn E. Herron, $334,000

500 Water St. Unit A7: Clint E. Gordon to Willie Olsen, $177,500

86 Webster St.: D D&Bernice Cervone IRT and Cristina M. Cervone to Christopher M. Head and Jeffrey Stott, $470,000

88 Westchester Dr. Unit 88: Carol Keating to Vetere FT and Stephen Vetere, $429,900

187-189 Wilson St.: Sam and Soo W. Ho to Victor G. Flores, $250,000

71 Winona Ave.: Anastasia D. and George Meletis to Christopher Meletis, $300,000

15 Woods Ave.: Deborah A. Thornhill to Samuel S. Sherrill, $378,500

26 Wyoming Ave.: Matthew R. Routhier to Erin Sinclair and Scott W. Trombly, $530,000


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