Deplorable tweets

Anyone who thinks the country has united politically to solve this COVID-19 problem hasn’t seen Twitter. After 10 minutes, you’ll have seen more left-wing bile than you can stomach. Maybe the right-wingers were as bad during the Obama years and I missed it, but the true deplorables now are the majority of people tweeting, spewing hate and base insults at others just because they don't share their political affiliation.

Spreading disease

For those not taking the coronavirus seriously, think of this: When you shake hands or enter another person's space, you’re entering or touching everybody that person has been in contact with over the last 14 days. It’s sort of like a two-week sexually transmitted disease.

Rays of hope

During these trying times, some of our neighbors have put a light in the window or have lit a bush with Christmas lights as a ray of hope. Hope, for some of us, is as important as a roll of toilet paper. Let’s all light our neighborhoods with rays of hope.

Showing appreciation

As the coronavirus dominates the news, it would be refreshing to hear something positive. How about a report on how professional athletes are supporting fans who spend their hard-earned money to support them? If these athletes continue to collect exorbitant paychecks for not working, something like that would go a long way toward ensuring continued support from fans. Another sign of appreciation might be ensuring that school will continue, so that children can attend class for 180 days. I question the benefit of at-home classes, and I’m concerned for those children without computers.

Not everyone

Did New York’s governor forget that he partied some months ago with pink décor, lighting up the Empire State Building in pink lights, to celebrate passage of a bill allowing full-term, selective abortions? How disgusting to celebrate such an event. Most Americans agree abortion should be legal and safe, but not to that extreme, unless there’s a medical reason. Now he evokes the name of God with authority. He says New York loves everyone. No, it clearly doesn’t.  

Trying times

Who would have thought a political newcomer, 30-year business executive would turn out to be one of the most professional mayors Methuen has ever seen? Kudos to Mayor Neil Perry on a great start under extremely difficult circumstances. I only wish I could go back in time and vote for him.

Well equipped

I talk to my friends in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida and even Canada, and all are coping but saying what a struggle it is to have their school-age children home with no learning plans at all. They get nothing more than a list of "resources" from a teacher with the caveat, “I haven't gone through these.” In contrast, thanks to Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut, Gov. Chris Sununu and a population of teachers largely unencumbered by public sector union red tape, New Hampshire children have access to Chromebooks, training plans and remote classroom sessions with their teachers and classmates. They’re not sitting home watching TV all day while their parents try to work.

Cleaning video

There they go again: Methuen police are turning something serious into a publicity stunt. This time, it’s a YouTube video of an overpaid captain following custodians around, watching them clean a bathroom. Every place in the world should be over-cleaning right now. This is where my tax dollars go?


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