Brady and Bucs too good for Washington

AP Photo/Al Goldis

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady throws one of his four first half touchdowns Saturday as the Bucs rolled into the playoffs. Bill Burt expects it to continue tonight.

Here are my picks (and thesis statements) for today's playoff games:

Buffalo 31, Indianapolis 17

The Colts are pretty good. The Bills are very good. That means the Colts must win the turnover battle and do what they do best, on offense, and that’s run the football. The Colts are good enough, balanced on both sides of the ball, to keep this close. But the Bills are on a tear, a Hail Mary pass loss from an 11-game winning streak. That being said, the Bills have not won a playoff game in 25 years. Sometimes doubt creeps in. But not today.

Seattle 26, L.A. Rams 20

I realize the Rams defense gives the Seahawks and Russell Wilson fits. But not today. The Seahawks will be in control, from start to finish, of the Rams because of the Rams inability to score. It feeds into the Seahawks, which has improved defensively by leaps and bounds. I don’t like the Seahawks winning another game after this, but they will win today.

Tampa Bay 38, Washington 13

Tampa Bay will come into this game a little full of themselves. And they won't pay for it. The Bucs win these games in their sleep. They have just too much firepower on offense and a very good defense that will keep Washington under two touchdowns. I expect a big game from Tom Brady. The real games for Tampa will begin next weekend.

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