AGE: 19

HOMETOWN: North Reading

FAMILY: Nicole (mom), Martin (dad); brothers Martin and Nolan

COLLEGE PLANS: “Colby College. I’m going in undecided, but leaning towards majoring in English.”

FAVORITE SUBJECT: “English. I love to read and write whether it is for fun or for class.”

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION ABOUT BEING A HS STUDENT: “That it is easier than regular life/’real world.’ If anything it is harder. Don’t get me wrong, actual life is definitely really hard (from what I’ve heard at least), but while in high school you are placed in an environment where everyone is trying to figure themselves out all while trying to maintain a social life, all while trying to maintain good grades. I think many people forget how hard that is as they age or while they are in their years leading up to high school. For many, it is considered the best and worst four years (or five in my case) of their life. It is important to remember every one is figuring themselves out and it gets so, so much better as time passes.”

BEST ADVICE YOU’D GIVE AN INCOMING FRESHMAN: “No one knows what they’re doing. Everyone is faking it until they make it and are more worried about themselves and what they’re doing and are paying little to no attention to you. So do whatever you want whenever you want, it is truly never that deep.”

THE BALANCE OF BEING A SUCCESSFUL STUDENT-ATHLETE: “It is good to get into a routine that allows you to compartmentalize and leave the outside world at the door when going to practice or to a game. Put yourself first and get your work done, but have fun when you are at whatever sporting event you are a part of.”

WHAT ‘SUCCESS’ MEANS TO ME: “Being happy with yourself at the end of the day. It does not have to be anything physical like a trophy or medal, just knowing you put your best foot forward and give 100% of whatever you have is often enough for me. It is fun to win and ‘succeed’ through material things though…”

FAVORITE MOMENT AS AN ATHLETE: “This past spring our softball team won the ISL championship, going undefeated in league play. To bring that plaque home after, what I want to say, an 18-year hiatus was super exciting. Helping to build a team and program that strives for and can reach excellence for years to come was a very proud moment and I could not be more thankful for that team.”

FAVORITE CHARITY: “The Jed Foundation. It is a non profit that helps young people find resources when struggling with mental health. They collect donations that go towards strengthening their resources and to help research mental health. With suicide being the second leading cause of death in young people in the United States and 1 in 4 young people suffering from some sort of mental illness, I do not think that mental health in students and in athletes is talked about enough. Schools need more resources and ways to go about dealing with mental health and breaking the stigma surrounding it. The more we talk about it, the more positive change will be seen and that is exactly what the Jed Foundation stands for.”

BEST ADVICE YOU EVER GOT FROM A COACH: “’Be selfish and shoot the puck for crying out loud!’ That was direct quote from my hockey coach my junior year. I took these words as not her telling me to be a puck hog, but to let myself try things and build on my own skills while helping others build their own. It’s good to pass but it is also good to shoot.”

MY HERO IS … : “Not to be cheesy but my parents. To grow up with two strong role models was more than what I could have asked for. I owe them everything and strive to be half of the people they are each day.”

IN 10 YEARS I HOPE TO …: “Have no regrets with the decisions I made leading up to that point. A steady job with relatively nice cash flow would be great, maybe a dog or two, but overall I just want to be happy with my decisions and be happy with my life.”

Notable Honors:

President/officer of class, never got lower than A, etc.

Inducted into the Cum Laude society in April of 2023; high honor roll eight times

ISL first team hockey 2022/2023, senior captain soccer, hockey, softball.

Estimated GPA: 3.95

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