2009 record: 2-13-3, didn't make state tourney

Returning starters (6): Melanie Prior, Sr., defense; Jessie Denoncour, Sr., forward; Kristen Pingree, Sr., forward; Nikkie Perakis, Jr., goalie; Amy Cronin, Jr., midfield; Sara Gaeta, Jr., forward

Returning lettermen: Sam Francesconi, Sr., midfield; Lauren Hanlon, Sr., forward

Promising newcomers: Amanda Conti, Sr., forward; Meghan Harney, Sr., defense; Erin Flaherty, Sr., defense; Victoria Woods, Sr., defense; Shannon Killian, Jr., forward; Valerie Labrecque, Jr., midfield; Kailey Donovan, Jr., forward; Jessica Rosenthal, Jr., defense

Candidates in all grades: 55

Captains: Melanie Prior, Jessie Denoncour, Kristen Pingree

Returning honorees: none

Assistants: Jen Despo (JV), Julie Lamoly (Frosh.)

Odds and ends: The Royals are trying to bounce back from their worst season in at least 13 years. ... Melanie Prior is class president.

Coach Nichole Turcotte (6th year, 37-47-15): "We've been working real hard on our offense and hoping to improve on that. Amy Cronin has phenomenal stick skills. Defensively, Melanie Prior is always able to help clear the ball."

North Andover

2009 record: 17-2-3, lost in Division 1 North semifinals

Returning starters (4): Amanda Foote, Sr., midfield; Krista Perryman, Sr., defense; Michelle Martin, Jr., midfield; Meg Foster, Jr., goalie

Returning lettermen: Gabrielle Moen, Sr., forward; Amanda Valentino, Sr., forward; Dana McManus, Jr., defense; Sara McCarthy, Soph., forward

Promising newcomers: Katie Schmidt, Sr., defense; Gabrielle Farese, Sr., defense; Lauren Miller, Sr., forward; Julia Vandegraaf, Sr., forward; Angie Minott, Jr., forward; Megan Daly, Jr., forward; Maggie Silva, Jr., defense

Candidates in all grades: 45

Captains: Gabrielle Moen, Amanda Foote

Returning honorees: Amanda Foote, CAL All-Star

Returning goal leaders: Gabrielle Moen 8

Assistants: Amy Rock (JV), Andrea Fargen (Frosh.)

Odds and ends: The Knights have plenty of speed with Amanda Foote, Krista Perryman and Dana McManus all accomplished sprinters on the track team.

Coach Courtney Breen (3rd year, 33-5-6): "We're a good team. Krista Perryman is an excellent defender. My midfield with Amanda Foote, Sara McCarthy and Michelle Martin is very strong."

North Reading

2009 record: 2-12-5, didn't make state tourney

Returning starters (0):

Returning lettermen: Zoe Carvalho, Sr., wing; Julia Kelliher, Jr., midfield

Promising newcomers: Jessica Marchetti, Sr., forward; Julia Shaw, Jr., midfield; Emily Shapiro, Jr., midfield; Emily Paladino, Soph., midfield; Terri Ferrazzani, Soph., back; Lauren Emrich, Soph., wing; Nicole Eisenhaure, Soph., goalie; Courtney Brosnan, Soph., defense; Tarah Reilly, Frosh., midfield

Candidates in all grades: 37

Captains: Zoe Carvalho, Jessica Marchetti

Returning honorees: none

Assistants: Shellie Kerrigan (JV)

Odds and ends: The Hornets made progress last year considering it was 2-100-11 in its history heading into 2009. ... North Reading is playing on its new turf field.

Coach Lindsay Breen (2nd year, 2-12-5): "We were thrilled with the turnout. We have 50 kids in youth clinics so we're excited. Our kids are being thrown in so young but we have some athletes. So our goals are different."


2009 record: 4-14-1, didn't make state tourney

Returning starters (5): Bernadette Corrado, Sr., attack; Brooks Robinson, Sr., defense; Laura Kuchar, Sr., defense; Charlotte Pope, Jr., midfield; Shannon Beaton, Jr., attack

Returning lettermen: Hannah Wilkins, Sr., attack; Hannah Coggins, Sr., defense; Mimi Auger, Sr., midfield; Kylie O'Maley, Sr., goalie; Cayla MacLean, Jr., attack; Molly Sanford, Jr., attack; Liz Beauregard, Jr., attack

Promising newcomers: Julianne Meehan, Sr., defense; Caroline Kern, Sr., defense; Molly McDonough, Jr., midfield; Tayla Poretta, Jr., attack; Liz Jayne, Soph., midfield; Tori Spofford, Soph., attack; Olivia Duggan, Soph., attack

Candidates in all grades: 65

Captains: Bernadette Corrado, Mimi Auger, Laura Kuchar, Hannah Wilkins

Returning honorees: Shannon Beaton, Eagle-Tribune All-Star (8 goals, 12 assists)

Assistants: Kathy Milewski (JV), Laurie Dunnett (Frosh.)

Odds and ends: Caroline Kern is president of the student council. Shannon Beaton, Charlotte Pope, Molly Sanford and Tori Spofford are all members of the student council.

Coach Ruth Beaton (17th year, 80-151-61): "I've been very pleased with the preseason. People came ready to play. I expect Shannon to improve upon her season. Liz Jayne, Molly Sanford, Laura Kuchar have looked good. There are fewer gaps than in years past."

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