PLAISTOW - Jonathan Currier doesn't go as far as calling his new workplace a "Basketball Mecca."

"But if you're looking to build yourself into a player, it's absolutely the place you want to be," said Currier, a program director for Infinity Sports, the recently renamed four-full-court hoop/workout facility right here on Route 125. "From the youngest kids in the second or third grade all the way up to adults, we're prepared to put you in a position to succeed on court, with all the resources to help make you a player."

Currier, officially titled Director of Player Development & Club Teams, is the right-hand man of owner David Richards, who purchased the facility previously known as the Rocking Athletic Club and the Eastern Sports Center, months ago.

While the building has remained open through the transition, hosting youth teams, travel programs and tournaments, Infinity Sports official grand opening is now set with an open house on the weekend of Jan. 28.

"We're very excited to show people what we are all about," said the owner Richards, a self-made business man from Stratham. "We think what we have here can be pretty unique and pretty special."

The Infinity Sports principle is simple. Take a player, any player, and train him or her to reach their potential, all the while keeping it fun and keeping it a game.

Infinity Sports will offer a plethora of programs, dabbling from recreational to the highest elite levels of AAU basketball.

"I've always been one to wonder about that kid, you know, the kid who doesn't make the elite team, but still really wants to play the game and improve his game and strive to reach that level," said Currier, a native of Beverly, Mass., who played at Suffolk University. "We'll be there to help that kid and kids at just about every other level in this game."

Of course, Infinity Sports will continue with many of the things previous owners utilized the building for. They will rent courts and offer tournaments throughout the year.

"It's extremely important that remain part of this community, first and foremost," said Richards. "There's a lot we can offer to children in the schools in this area. I think we have to continue to let people know we are here."

Already, young athletes have been attracted to the place as word has begun to spread. "There are a lot of younger kids coming through, and we haven't even started playing games," said Currier. "Right now, it's all about teaching. I happen to like that."

Infinity Sports has put together a strong staff that is dedicated to the program and making this facility ultimately succeed.

"It's a long term approach," said Richards, who noted he'll be targeting athletes from within a 40-minute drive. "That's the target market, a large number of people to draw from, too. We're looking to provide that opportunity for nine months a year, when the (travel/school) season ends. Nobody has to stop playing basketball."


Formerly the Rockingham Athletic Complex and the Eastern Sports, the Infinity Sports Basketball and Wellness is now open with new management and a new attitude.

Grand Opening: All are invited from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 28, for the Grand Opening celebration, featuring clinics, contests, games, prizes, demonstrations and much more.

Great cause: Those attending the Grand Opening are asked to bring toiletries and non-perishable items which will be shipped to our troops overseas. Donations will enter you in special drawings and promotions.

Individual hoop training: Hoop memberships and training programs, ranging from five weeks to up to 9 months, for players of all abilities ages 5-18, will be available at the center, beginning on March 5.

For more information: www.infinityhoops.com.

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