New Hampshire Division 1


Coach Brian O’Reilly: (42nd year, 312-117)

2018 record: 9-3, lost Division 1 title game

Offense: Wing-T; Defense: 4-3

Returning starters/letterman (14): Jake MacInnis, Sr., FB/ILB, 6-0, 220; Brady Day, Sr., HB/CB, 6-0, 180; Marcus Terrio, Sr., HB/LB, 5-9, 180; Dominic Zirn, Sr., SE/CB, 5-10, 180; Brandon Roy, Sr., K, 5-5, 140; Jeff Potvin, Sr., QB/S, 5-8, 155; Will Brown, Sr., FB/OLB, 5-10, 195; Aiden Fox, Sr., OL/DE, 6-3, 200; Evan Wilson, Jr., HB/LB, 5-9, 210; Logan Robinson, Jr., OL/DT, 6-3, 230; Brady Durazzano, Jr., OL/DL, 6-1, 236; Max Delangie, Jr., OL/DL, 6-3, 260; Trent Leduc, Jr., TE/DE, 6-4, 225; Thomas Macdonald, Jr., OL/DL, 5-10, 230

Promising newcomers: Connor Colburn, Sr., SE/S, 6-1, 175; Robert Leake, Sr., HB/CB, 5-10, 155; Michael Zabriskie, Sr., SE/CB, 6-3, 170; Connor McCormack, Sr., OL/OLB, 5-11, 185; Rocco Mulrennan, Sr., OL/DE, 6-0, 190; Hayden Shattuck, Jr., QB/CB, 6-0, 160; Gavin Auger, Jr., SE/CB, 5-8, 135; Andrew Guillmette, Jr., HB/S, 5-9, 140; Nathan Burris, Jr., OL/LB, 5-9, 170; Matthew Sigman, Jr., OL/DL, 5-9, 188; Jackson Davis, Jr., TE/DE, 6-0, 195; Sean Forkey, Jr., OL/DL, 5-10, 240; Zach Lizotte, Jr., OL/DL, 6-0, 230; Evan Soares, Soph., FB/DE, 6-0, 160; David Clark, Soph., HB/CB, 5-9, 165; Jack Mackiernan, Soph., FB/LB, 5-10, 180; George Nigro, Soph., OL/DT, 6-5, 300; Jacob Albert, Frosh., HB/CB, 5-8, 135; Cole Yennaco, Frosh., FB/LB, 5-8, 170;

Returning leaders: Evan Wilson 7-78, 2 TD rushing; Jake MacInnis 2-50 rushing, 3 total TDs; Brady Day 8-62, 1 TD rushing; Trent Leduc 3-71 receiving

Returning honorees: Jake MacInnis All-NH Division 1 South first team; Evan Wilson All-NH Division 1 South second team

Captains: Jake MacInnis, Thomas Macdonald, Trent Leduc, Marcos Terrio

Assistants: Bryon Murphy (defensive coordinator), Michael Gooden, Jason Gagnon, Jon Rich, Kevin Morrison, Kevin Davies, Eric Dugas, Wes Davies, Ron Cooper, Riley Cahill

Odds and ends: Two-time defending Division 1 finalist Pinkerton was hit hard by graduation, losing Eagle-Tribune defensive MVP Gannon Fast, Eagle-Tribune All-Stars linebacker Jackson Clark, defensive back Gennaro Marra and offensive lineman Robbie Fahey and top contributors like Nick Lombard, Allen Gault and three-year starting QB Aiden Goujon. ... Running back/defensive back Brady Day has committed to play baseball at Kansas State. The Eagle-Tribune All-Star hit .440 with 24 runs and 15 RBIs in the spring. He also averaged 8.8 points and hit 40 3-pointers in basketball last winter. ... Promising freshman Cole Yennaco is the son of area baseball legend Jay Yennaco (Pinkerton class of 1995), who was drafted in the third round of the 1995 MLB Draft out of high school by the Boston Red Sox. ... Kicker Brandon Roy made two field goals and 19 extra points last fall. ... Gavin Auger is not a member of the legendary Pinkerton lacrosse family. ... Sophomore lineman George Nigro is the son of the longtime Haverhill boys swim coach also named George Nigro.


Coach Rob Pike: (7th year, 42-20)

2017 record: 8-3, lost Division 1 semifinals

Offense: Wing-T; Defense: Multiple

Returning starters (8): Josh Maroun, Sr., RB/LB, 5-10, 200; Josh Ozoria; Sr., OL/DL, 5-10, 270; Owen Gormley, Sr., OL/LB, 6-0, 225; Beau Dillon, Sr., OL/DL, 6-1, 220; Riley Mulvey, Sr., RB/LB, 6-0, 175; Michael Ference, Sr., WR/DB, 6-2, 185; Brandon Wall, Sr., RB/DB, 5-10, 190; Jake Brady, Jr., TE/LB, 5-9, 180

Returning lettermen: Eli Aronofsky, Sr., OL/DL, 6-0, 215; Adam Berthel, Sr., RB/LB, 5-8, 175

Promising newcomers: John Bennett, Sr., WR/DB, 6-0, 175; Vinny Leonne, Sr., OL/DB, 5-8, 170; Darian Houn, Sr., WR/DB, 6-1, 170; Paul Moreno, Sr., TE/DL, 6-1, 190; Brandon Martin, Sr., QB/LB, 5-10, 180; Jared Law, Sr., WR/DB, 6-0, 165; Noah Poulin, Jr., OL/LB, 6-1, 215; James Gibney, Jr., OL/LB, 5-10, 175; Logan Stys, Jr., OL/DL, 6-1, 180; Andrew Sullivan, Jr., OL/DL, 6-0, 225; Jordan Scott, Jr., OL/DL, 6-0, 260; Jack Milos, Jr., WR/DB, 6-1, 170; Tanner Morgano, Jr., OL/LB, 5-10, 180; Cody Clements, Jr., QB/DB, 5-9, 170; Michael Boutin, Jr., TE/LB, 5-11, 175; Nate Spires, Jr., RB/DB, 5-9, 175;

Aidan McDonald, Soph., TE/DB, 5-11, 160; Tommy Ahlers, Soph., RB/DB, 5-9, 165; Matt Breton, Soph, OL/DL, 5-11, 195; Kaleb Bates, Soph, QB/DB, 6-1, 165; Dante Fernandes, Soph., RB/DB, 5-7, 170; Jonathan Smith, Soph., OL/DL, 5-9, 170; Jason Gilbert, Soph., OL/DL, 5-9, 200; Jackson Dailey, Soph., OL/DL, 6-2, 230; Damian Gigante, Soph., TE/LB, 6-1, 190; David Screnci, Soph., OL/DL, 6-2, 190; Mike Williams, Soph., OL/DL, 5-9, 175

Returning leaders: Brandon Wall 116-874, 9 TD rushing; Michael Ference 231, 5 TD receiving

Returning honorees: Owen Gormley All-Division 1 South first team; Josh Ozoria, Beau Dillon and Brandon Wall All-Division 1 South second team

Captains: TBA

Assistants: Dan Keleher, Steve Abraham, Ben Scovotti, Johny McDonald, Ken Sharkey, Pete Allain, Keith Mulvey, Pete Marinelli

Odds and ends: Salem should get a huge lift with the return of running back Josh Maroun, who missed the entire 2018 season with a torn ACL. Maroun rushed for 529 yards and five touchdowns as a sophomore. He is the latest in the star Maroun football family. ... Former Salem football and baseball player Peter Allain (SHS ‘08) has joined the coaching staff and will work with the freshmen. He has also worked as an assistant for Dan Keleher’s baseball staff and for Brandeis baseball. ... Top offensive lineman Beau Dillon was an Eagle-Tribune All-Star 195-pound wrestler last winter. He became the first Salem athlete to win a New England title since 2008. ... Top returning receiver Michael Ference was a key contributor to the Salem basketball team that advanced to the Division 1 championship game last winter. ... Offensive lineman Owen Gormley is also a star student, ranked in the top four of his Salem senior class. He threw the shot put 47-1.5 in the spring. ... Lineman Noah Poulin is the younger brother of 2018 Blue Devils starting QB Kyle Poulin. ... ... Last fall, for the second straight season, the Blue Devils beat archrival Pinkerton in the regular season, but lost to the Astros in the Division 1 semifinals.


Coach Kevin Fitzgerald: (12th year, 43-64)

2017 record: 1-8, didn’t make tournament

Offense: Multiple I; Defense: 50

Returning starters (6): Cam Lovett, Sr., WR/DB, 6-0, 173; Chris Lund, Sr., OL/DL, 6-1, 235; Evan Sapienza, Sr., RB/DB, 6-1, 161; Caleb Vlack, Jr., RB/DB, 5-7, 150; Nick Matthews, Jr., OL/DL, 6-4, 255; Jaiden Lee, Jr., OL/LB, 6-0, 184

Returning lettermen: Sam Gagnon, Sr., OL/DL, 5-10, 265; Riley Inserra, Sr., OL/LB, 6-1, 197; Devon Simmons, Jr., TE/LB, 6-1, 209

Promising newcomers: Patrick Augeri, Sr., RB/DB, 5-3, 132; Dylan Coyle, Sr., WR/DB, 5-9, 138; Mike DeSantis, Sr., OL/DL, 5-6, 200; Anthony Farmer, Sr., WR/DB, 5-10, 148; Joe Friel, Sr., TE/LB, 6-0, 167; Mike Giangregorio, Sr., K, 6-2, 174; Stephen Morris, Sr., OL/DL, 5-9, 179; Jared Morrison, Sr., QB/DB, 6-0, 150; Reese Olsen, Sr., WR/DB, 5-10, 147; Jake Weir, Sr., WR/DB, 5-10, 159; Ian Wilson, Sr., RB/LB, 5-11, 163; Frankie Ahearn, Jr., WR/DB, 5-11, 140; Kody Bartose, Jr., RB/LB, 5-9, 154; Aaron Cayabyab, Jr., TE/DL, 6-2, 179; Robert Olson, Jr., WR/DB, 6-2, 187; Mikael Colon, Soph., OL/DL, 5-9, 236; Cooper Kelley, Soph., OL/LB, 5-10, 194; Dom Pallaria, Soph., RB/LB, 5-11, 158; Bryce Parker, Soph., TE/LB, 6-0, 169; Evan Roeger, Soph., OL/DL, 6-2, 223; Joe Shivell, Soph., TE/LB, 5-11, 172; Ethan Stewart, Soph., WR/DB 6-1, 146

Returning leaders: Cam Lovett 16-366, 2 TDs receiving. 3-15 rushing; Jared Morrison 2-4-8, 1 TD passing, 1 TD run

Returning honorees: Cam Lovett, All-Division 1 South honorable mention

Captains: Cam Lovett, Jared Morrison

Assistants: Mark Pasquini (defensive coordinator), Mike Donovan, Tim Brown, Brian Nicoll, Zack Champion, Alex Horgan, James Dionne

Odds and ends: Jared Morrison is the leading candidate to take over at quarterback, replacing three-year starter Dan Hayes. Hayes is now playing at Western New England. ... Top returning playmaker Cam Lovett is also a baseball standout. He threw a combined no-hitter in the spring. ... Chris Lund is a top 220-pound wrestler for the powerhouse Owls. ... Kicker Mike Giangregorio is a member of the basketball and volleyball teams. ... Tim Brown and Brian Nicoll are both also assistant wrestling coaches.


Coach Jack Byrne: (First year)

2018 record: 6-3, didn’t make playoffs

Offense: Multiple two-back; Defense: 50

Returning starters/lettermen (10): Bobby Dicicco, Sr., TE/LB, 6-0, 205; Mason Belsky, Sr., OL/DL, 6-1, 215; Riley Desmarais, Sr., RB/LB, 5-10, 185; Owen Preble, Sr., OL/DL, 6-0, 215; Dylan Szostak, Sr., OL/DL, 5-10, 210; Joey DaSliva, Jr., WR/DB, 6-0, 180; Eli Nicoloupoulos, Jr., OL/DL, 5-10, 250; Stephen Mague, Jr., OL/LB, 5-10, 190; Stefan Robert, Jr., WR/DB, 5-10, 170; Rocky Heres, Jr., QB/DB, 6-2, 180

Promising newcomers: Dylan Field, Sr., RB/LB, 5-9, 175; Kyle Keenan, Sr., QB/DB, 5-10, 175; Zach Leclerc, Jr., OL/DL, 5-11, 250; Curtis Shattuck, Jr., RB/LB, 6-1, 180; Cole Peterson, Soph., WR/DB, 6-1, 180; Jackson Milano, Soph., OL/LB, 5-11, 200

Returning leaders: Riley Desmarais 14-162, 1 TD receiving, 29-125 rushing, 1 FG; Rocky Heres 7-115, 3 TD receiving; Kyle Keenan 0-1 passing

Returning honorees: Bobby DiCicco, All-Division 1 South first team; Mason Belsky, Riley Desmarais, Dylan Szostak All-Division 1 South second team

Captains: Mason Belsky, Riley Desmarais, Bobby Dicicco, Dylan Szostak

Assistants: Corey Alberico, Ryan Clark, Jim Gallotto, Russ Perkins, Pat Robertson

Odds and ends: Jack Byrne enters his first season as head coach, after serving as defensive coordinator since the program’s inception in 2009. Byrne is also a physical education teacher and assistant wrestling coach at Windham. ... Byrne replaces Bill Raycraft, the program’s head coach since 2009, who stepped down in March. Raycraft is now the athletic director and interim head football coach at Malden Catholic. ... Windham enters its second season in Division 1. The Jags upset perennial powers Pinkerton and Salem last season. ... Two-time Eagle-Tribune All-Star linebacker/offensive lineman Corey Alberico (Windham class of 2013) joins the coaching staff. He was one of Windham’s inaugural captains, then played college football at Castleton State. ... Assistants Ryan Clark, Pat Robertson and Jim Gallotto are holdovers from Raycraft’s staff. ... Bobby DiCicco was an Eagle-Tribune hockey All-Star defenseman last winter. ... Rocky Heres has impressed at quarterback after playing receiver last fall. Kyle Keenan also looks good at QB. ... Mason Belsky is the younger brother of former Eagle-Tribune All-Stars Parker Belsky (WHS class of 2017) and Royce Belsky (WHS 2018). ... Riley Desmarais was the lone captain for the basketball team last winter. He hit 23 3-pointers.

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