Student-Athlete: FELLOWSHIP CHRISTIAN Ester Mills

Courtesy photoEster Mills of Fellowship Christian Academy and her dad, Dan Mills, who is in the Air Force.

Ester Mills

School: Fellowship Christian Academy

College: Southern New Hampshire University

Sports played in H.S: volleyball, basketball and tennis

Family: Dan Mills (dad), Lidia Mills (mom), Daniel Mills (big bro)

Best Academic Accomplishment: “Finishing calculus this year.”

Best athletic accomplishment: “There are two instances that come to mind. One was when my brother and I won the mixed doubles tennis tournament. We had been training for months, and it makes me proud thinking about how all of our hard work paid off. The other instance was this past year. My volleyball team and I had an excellent season, and, for the first time in years, we made it to the tournament! That’s an experience I’ll never forget.”

Biggest growth from freshman to now: “I’d say that I’ve improved a lot in my basketball playing. This is the only sport that I can practice well by myself, so I focused on my individual skills like dribbling and shooting. Also, I wanted to support my team, which was comprised of younger students, so I’ve always tried to play the best that I can.”

Best advice to freshmen: “Don’t give up! Work hard, and you’ll be rewarded later on in life. It might seem pointless now to do stuff like homework and trying to get good grades, but it helps prepare you for the future.”

One thing I’d change if I was president: “I’d make abortion illegal again.”

Recommendation: “Ester is self-disciplined, has consistently been a great example to her fellow students. Not only has she been a very good athlete on the volleyball and basektball teams at Fellowship Christian, but her work outside of the school has been exemplary, including Lazarus House, Common Ground Thrift Store and Head Start in Haverhill. ... She also was a key participant in producing our school newspaper and choir and is active in her local church while serving in a children’s ministry.” -- Fellowship Christian Acting Administrator Paul Mangum 

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