Student-Athlete: GREATER LAWRENCE TECH Alisson Calderon

College: Northern Essex Community College

H.S. Sports: Soccer and Tennis

Family: David Calderon (dad), Sonia Calderon (mom); Sister, Genesis Calderon

Best academic accomplishment: “When I received the Achievement Award, which was presented to me by our superintendent. That was special to me and something I’ll never forget.”

Best athletic accomplishment: “When our soccer team won the Commonwealth Athletic Conference championship for the first time in the school’s history. It had never been accomplished before in girls soccer. It’s something I’ll always treasure.”

Biggest growth from freshman year to now: “Becoming a mentor and becoming a good listener to others by listening to them and offering my help. I learned how to be a leader.”

Best advice you could give to incoming freshmen: “Be a good listener both in class and out of class. Through listening you can understand others on a deeper level and yourself as you learn to bond with different individuals.”

If you were president and could change one thing what would it be?: ”Giving people from any background and status a work permit to have the opportunity to work. I would change this because everyone has potential since there are many people out there that want to be given the chance to work.”

Recommendation: “I am really sad to see Alisson leave us. I had her as a freshman in my honors biology class and again this year in my Honors Modern Applications of Science class. Her growth in four years was amazing. Her desire to learn, especially in the sciences, was evident early on ... What separates Alisson is the balance she has in her life, beyond the classroom. Not only was she an upstanding member of the National Honor Society, but she was an exceptional leader, participating in clubs (Reggie Leader, Kaleidoscope Club) and comes from a very supportive family network. I have taught thousands of students over the last decade and Alisson is in the top 10 of that group.” -- Gr. Lawrence Tech Science Instructor, Rebecca Webster

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