College: Stonehill College

H.S. Sports: Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Softball

Family: Kara and Leo Crowe, Caroline, Christine, Catrina, Mitchell, and Michael Crowe

Best academic accomplishment: “Being inducted into National Honor Society my junior year and making highest honors throughout my high school career. This was a huge goal of mine to accomplish because being a three-sport athlete, participating in multiple school clubs, and maintaining a high GPA is no small feat. It required a lot of hard work and determination to get to this point.”

Best athletic accomplishment: “Being Division II Player of the Year two years in a row and breaking three different school records. I worked very hard outside of practice and school to be able to accomplish my athletic goals. For me, practice was never over when two hours was up. I continued to work on my skills at home and in competitive clubs to be able to be the best player I could be.”

Biggest growth from freshman year to now: “The growth I have seen in myself is my ability to perform under pressure and building my mental strength to overcome adversity. Since freshman year, I always put a lot of pressure on myself to improve as I followed the legacy of my sisters in sports. I learned that building a positive mindset and becoming accustomed to high pressure situations helped me perform better in school and sports.”

Best advice to incoming freshmen: “Stay focused on your academics and work hard towards your goals. High School is an essential time to develop yourself and find the things you love to do the most. It is important to pursue your passions and get involved in activities to truly thrive.”

If you were president and could change one thing what would it be?: “If I was President I would help fight for climate change by enacting new policies and regulations in the U.S. Climate change is rapidly declining as factors such as pollution contribute to global warming. It is important to focus money and extensive efforts to continue to prevent climate change.”

Recommendation: “Claudia is many things, an outstanding student with a GPA of 4.0 and worthy National Honor Society member and a rare three-sport athlete in field hockey, ice hockey and softball, including being a captain in two sports. The resume speaks for itself. She is also a four-year member of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) with a Cadet Captain rank. In my role, I have witnessed first-hand her leadership roles inside and outside of JROTC. As a senior leader she is the staff officer to the Cadet Battalion Commander for all operations and training events, which includes 200 cadet records. She is an amazing individual who will excel in anything she pursues.” — Methuen High Army JROTC Senior Instructor Bernie L. Stansbury

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