College: University of Pennsylvania

H.S. Sports: Soccer (frosh), cross country (senior), indoor track (Capt.), outdoor track (Capt.)

Family: Patrick (dad), Beth (mom), Katie (25), Mary (23)

Best Academic Accomplishment: “Ending my high school journey in the top five percent of my class. This achievement represents the accumulation of hard work and sacrifices I have put into academics. I am a firm believer that a well rounded education is essential to success, a lesson my parents instilled in me from a young age. I have had tremendous opportunities through course work along with wonderful mentorship from dedicated educators at NAHS. I am forever grateful for their commitment and investment in my education.”

Best Athletic Accomplishment: “Winning the Emerging Elite Division High Jump at New Balance Nationals my sophomore year. With this jump, I set a new personal best, broke a school record, broke the National Emerging Elite record, and attracted the attention of college coaches. In addition to these feats, I also gained an immense feeling of achievement and pride. This was a turning point in my track career and I realized that I could make great strides in the high jump if I set my mind to it and worked hard.”

Biggest Growth from Frosh to Now: “As a freshmen, I was incredibly shy, quiet, and I did not have a lot of confidence. Admittedly, I viewed myself as a follower, not a leader. These characteristics developed greatly during my time at NAHS and I am certain I would not be the person I am today without the experiences I had, particularly those in the world of track and field. As mentioned before, I lacked confidence and had a hard time believing in myself. Coach DelleChiaie was instrumental in helping me realize I could grow into an athlete, and person, with more faith in myself. He knew I was capable of great things from the start. On my very first day of indoor track, I tried the hurdles. I remember hearing Coach Dell say, “There! That’s the Lavery pedigree!” My older sister Mary ran track for Dell and had done very well. I shrugged off the comment and did not think much of it, but I never forgot it. Throughout every season, those simple string of words would enter my mind whenever I encountered an obstacle. Even when I did not believe in myself, I knew Dell did. Though I am still a quiet person, I have learned that it is possible to lead with few words and by example.”

Best Advice You Could Give to Incoming Freshmen: “Push yourself. Nothing worth having comes easily, so if you want to succeed, put yourself out there. Challenge yourself in ways you know will make you a better person, but don’t compromise your morals at the cost of achieving your goals. High school can be a stressful, scary environment so remember to be kind whenever possible.”

If you were President and could change one thing, what would it be?: “If I was President and could change one thing, I would put more money into public education. I was very lucky to grow up in Massachusetts where education is a priority. Unfortunately, many areas of the country do not have the resources to echo such a system. By investing more into education, our country’s youth would be poised for greater success and given more opportunities. An exceptional education also helps us to appreciate our strengths and weaknesses and understand that others may know more about things than ourselves. As president, it is important to convey the truth at all times. I would surround myself with those who were able to advise me in areas that were not my forte.”

Recommendation: “I am convinced there is nothing Sarah Lavery can’t do. Her talents as a student, athlete and musician are incredible. ... One of her best qualities is her humility. You would never know how talented she is by the way she goes about herself every day. ... Although it is routine to highlight her strengths in school and on the track and field, her hidden talent as an active member in our competitive band and choir. She was named Section Leader for the clarinet section as well as a member of our audition-based band and choir. ... She is one of the most intelligent, talented and hard-working students I have ever had the privilege of working with. And she does it all with a great smile.” -- North Andover High Guidance Counselor Kaitlin M. Rogato, M.Ed 

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