Student-Athlete: PENTUCKET Sage Seymour

College: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Commonwealth Honors College

H.S. Sports: Soccer (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th as captain), Outdoor Track and Field (9th, 10th, would have been 12th), Tennis (11th).

Family: “I have two older sisters who also played soccer and ran track for Pentucket, Sterling and Ellison Seymour. I also have a younger brother Stratton Seymour and two younger sisters Brighton and Tenning Seymour. My parents are Treasure and Jonathan Seymour.”

Best academic accomplishment: “I think that my best academic accomplishment during high school is all of the dedication, hard work, and grit I put into school which led me to representing my school as the Valedictorian of the class. Through my high school years, I always focused on challenge and learning. By putting my mind on those aspects rather than on making the grades and winning the numbers, I have gotten so much out of my high school education.”

Best athletic accomplishment: “I would say my biggest athletic accomplishment is making it to states for the 400 hurdles in outdoor track. I really pushed myself to reach that goal and it felt so good to achieve it.”

Biggest growth from freshman year to now: “My freshman year I had almost no interest in science or the medical field. I really didn’t think it was for me and my worst (in terms of ability) and least favorite subjects had always been in the sciences. However, after taking classes in biology, chemistry, and physics that really challenged me, I came to realize how fascinating and fulfilling studying science is. Now I am headed for a career path in biomedical engineering and already have AP Biology and AP Physics under my belt. My love for science and discovery has grown over the last four years.”

Best advice to incoming freshmen: “As for academics, I would say to incoming freshmen that what is most important in school is learning. It is easy to get caught up in the grades and numbers rather than the content being learned. However, it is so much more important and it will help you more in life to focus on learning the content. As for sports, I would tell incoming freshmen to really enjoy these four years of sports, because they could be the last years you participate in something like this. I would definitely say to work hard but also take all you can from collaborating as a team, making new friends, and encouraging one another within your sport because those skills are very important to have in life.”

If you were president and could change one thing what would it be?: “It would be the immense divide through our country today. I wish so much that we as a country could be more united, as our name states, and look at one another to see only humans. There is so much divide and hate today because of race, gender, religious beliefs, and even political party. We speak our opinions like it’s fact and slander those who disagree,. When, in truth, we could be bringing each other up if only we would listen to what we all have to say. We don’t have to all agree, and we will never all agree, but let’s stop the violence over it. If I were President, I would want to change that. We all are human and we all want to live in peace, so let’s start seeing each other not as black and white as male and female and as Democrat and Republican.”

 Recommendation: “Sage almost doesn’t seem real. She’s No. 1 at the top of her class with a 4.9 GPA, a fantastic three-sportsvarsity athlete and captain, has the leading role in our school play, she is the organizer for Special Olympics and, well, so on. The best thing is that Sage is the most humble, genuine and kind person you will meet. Her accolades are enough for five different people, but you’d never know it from talking with her. In my 16 years here at Pentucket Regional, she is one of the most intelligent and driven student-athletes I’ve come across. She is destined for greatness.”-- Pentucket Regional Athletic Director Dan Thornton


I always focused on challenge and learning. By putting my mind on those ... rather than on making the grades and winning the numbers, I have gotten so much out of my high school education.”

Sage Seymour

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