Student-Athlete: WHITTIER REGIONAL Catherine McNulty

Catherine McNulty 

College: Indiana Institute of Technology (Indiana Tech)

H.S. sports: Volleyball, wrestling, track and field

Family: Janice McNulty (mom); Matthew McNulty (dad); brothers Christopher and Alexander McNulty

Best academic accomplishment: “Mine would have to be becoming a part of the School Committee. I became a member of the school committee as a student representative along with the other town representatives. Due to my good grades and participation and positivity within the school, I gained a spot in the committee to speak about what’s happening around school and hear first hand what a coming next.”

Best athletic accomplishment: “Becoming a 2-time state champ starting with the first ever MIAA sanctioned women wrestling tournament, as well as having amazing opportunities being on the Massachusetts national team.”

Biggest growth from freshman year to now: “Absolutely the confidence I have gained through the years from wrestling. It has given me so much from mental toughness to the confidence I now have. The growth in my confidence has given me so much to be happy about and so many obstacles ahead to conquer.”

Advice to incoming freshmen: “Learn as much as you can from the upperclassmen you get to know. Whether it be in the sport, in a club, or in the classroom. They have experience and can give you another point of view to work with. But always remember to enjoy what it is you are doing and have a passion for it.”

One thing I’d change as president: “I’d change the process of the electoral vote from the electronic process to a physical process. Where you go to the ballots, present ID, vote on paper. Have it done by hand, the electronics will then not be interfering, altering the outcome and causing future issues.”

Recommendation: “Catherine McNulty is a positive role model for both students and athletes and we look to highlight such individuals. She has demonstrated herself as an elite leader in the sport of wrestling. She was raised in a family that loved wrestling and has proudly stepped up recognition of the sport for females. Catherine has been committed to bringing women’s wrestling to the forefront. She promotes a spirit of excellence on and off the mat and shares her experiences with other young people in the hopes of convincing them that they can do anything if they work hard enough. Catherine was a state champion wrestler for two consecutive years. Catherine is equally as dedicated with her academics in the classroom by maintaining a 4.2 GPA. She hopes to pursue Biomedical Engineering after accepting a wrestling scholarship to the Honors Program at Indiana Tech.” — Kevin Bradley, Whittier Tech athletic director

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