Student-Athlete: WINDHAM Jacob Kuczynski

Jacob Kuczynski, of Windham high. 5/26/2020

College: University of California, Berkeley

H.S. Sports: Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Alpine Skiing

Family: Anne Kuczynski (mom), Peter Kuczynski (dad); Matthew Kuczynski (brother)

Best academic accomplishment: “Success in the classroom came the same way as success in sports, through hard work and dedication.  I am proud to say that thanks to my parents and teachers, I’ve finished ranked 4th out of 237 in my high school.”

Best athletic accomplishment: ““After coming in 2nd place the previous 2 years in the alpine skiing slalom event, I finally was named Division 1 State Champion, instead in the Giant Slalom event.  Over the four years I competed, I feel that the high school skiing competition has gotten much stronger, which made the accomplishment all that more satisfying.”

Biggest growth from freshman to now: “I feel that my biggest growth as a person has been in building my leadership skills.  When I was a freshman during cross country, I looked up to the upperclassmen on the team.  Then, being captain my junior and senior years, I was put in their shoes, leading the next wave of cross country runners at Windham High.”

Best advice to incoming freshmen: “I’ve found over the past four years that if you’re just beginning to put in the work when the season starts, it is already too late.  It is the work that no one else sees: running in the off season, lifting weights, and eating healthy, that make the biggest difference as an athlete and person on game day.”

If I were president, I would work towards unifying the country.  “If I were president, I would work towards unifying the country.  I feel that there is too much political tension and many politicians need to learn to compromise in order for forward progress to be made as a nation.”

Recommendation: “Ranking No. 4 overall in his senior class, I have known Jacob since he was a sophomore in my Spanish 3 class and last year I got to see him perform at an elite level in Honors Spanish 4, an extremely rigorous course. ... Jacob is not the most outspoken student in class, but when he contributes it is after great thought and attention paid to detail; one of the best students I have had the pleasure of teaching. ... Jacob also should be noted for his athletic performances, running cross country, track and a great skier. But that’s not all, Jacob has the balance we hope all students have as an upstanding member of the Science Honor Society, Math Honor Society, National Honor Society, as well as the Math Team. And Jacob also plays the violin in an orchestra. He is an outstanding young man.” -- Windham High Spanish Teacher Bevin Sheehan


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