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Who are 34 reasons Chip Kelly signed Tim Tebow to a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, according to reports all over the Internet?

Please note, before I go any further, I am a Tebow guy. I admired the guy for winning a playoff game against Pittsburgh in 2011. I never understood the hatred for the guy, from his days at the University of Florida.

He got one less playoff win and the same amount of Super Bowl championships in Denver as Peyton Manning (2-3) has .... in half the time.

But I digress. Tim Tebow has hung up the microphone at least for the time being and has become a football player again.

The punch lines on Twitter were hilarious, which makes me think that somehow the kid is going to make things fun, not just in Vince Papale country, but all over the NFL, for a little while anyways.

The reason? Look up a few paragraphs.

In an era where the NFL is pushing points and passing, like a ROLLEX (sic) watch dealer in Times Square, the talent pool at quarterback has sunk to the most pathetic of levels.

Look at that pool of flotsam and jetsam taking snaps in today’s game. And Tebow — career NFL winning percentage of .563 doesn’t belong?

I understand why there will be a pervading nasty theme about Tebow today on Sportsradio.

All you Patriots backers, well at least those of you from Generation Brady, have had it so perfect for so long.

You don’t remember the Matt Cavanaughs, Drew Millens and Tony Easons. To you guys, Drew Bledsoe is the low point of Patriots football, and you put him first-ballot into the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Try following anyone else in the AFC East. Call some buddy in Buffalo. And ask if he’d rather have E.J. or Timmy T.

Trust me, they’ll need to think about it. That’s if any of their football brains remain after the poundings they’ve absorbed with the likes of Manuel, Orton, Thad Lewis, Tyler Thigpen, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Rob Johnson, Trent Edwards and so many other incompetents taking snaps over the last decade.

It’s time for the hatred of Tebow to end. For all the sneers about the quirky throwing motion to subside.

Will Tebow make it in Philly?

At least, he’ll get a fair shake, which is something he didn’t get here in New England when he tried out in 2013.

The situation just wasn’t right here. Were we supposed to ask Bill Belichick to alter the offense Brady had run for the last dozen years so Tebow could dip his shoulder and move the chains against the Bucs on one of those sweltering August Thursday nighters?

Of course not.

But in Philly, with an open-minded Kelly and a QB depth chart that currently reads Matt Barkley, Sam Bradford, G.J. Kinne, and yep, Sanchez?

I say why not? Tell the USC guys especially, Sanchez and Barkley, not to get too comfortable. Kelly’s Oregon axe may be coming down on you.

Tim Tebow is back. Let’s hope he’s better than ever.


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